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Karabakh Books

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This page hosts a list of books on Contemporary Artsakh (Karabakh). If a book is missing, you can add it using the add a book form.

 Book Publication YearBook ISBNBook CategoryBook Short Description
Karabakh Diary, Green and Black: Neither War nor Peace20089953018162Contemporary Karabakh
The Making of Nagorno-Karabagh2001Education & Reference
Contemporary Karabakh

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Armenian Tragedy: An Eye-Witness Account of Human Conflict and Natural Disaster in Armenia and Azerbaijan, Elizabeth Roberts, Yuri Rost; Hardcover; Published 1990; ISBN 0312046111

Gha-Ra-Bagh: The Emergence of the National Democratic Movement in Armenia, Mark Malkasian; Hardcover; Published 1996; ISBN 0814326048

Armenia and Karabagh: The Struggle for Unity (Minority Rights Publications), Christopher J. Walker (Editor); Hardcover; Published 1991; ISBN 187319420X

Armenia and Karabagh: The Struggle for Unity (Minority Rights Publications); Christopher J. Walker (Editor); Paperback; Published 1991; ISBN 1873194005

Azerbaijan: Seven Years of Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh; Human Rights Watch, Helsinki; Paperback; Published 1994; ISBN 1564321428

The Caucasian Knot: The History & Geopolitics of Nagorno-Karabagh (Politics in Contemporary Asia), Levon Chorbajian, et al; Hardcover; Published 1994; ISBN 1856492877

The Caucasian Knot: The History and Geopolitics of Nagorno-Karabagh (Politics in Contemporary Asia, Levon Chorbajian, et al; Paperback; Published 1994; ISBN 1856492885

Gha-Ra-Bagh: The Emergence of the National Democratic Movement in Armenia, Mark Malkasian; Paperback; Published 1996; ISBN 0814326056

A History of Qarabagh: An Annotated Translation of Mirza Jamal Javanshir Qarabaghi's Tarikh-E Qarabagh, Jamal Javanshir Qarabaghi, George A. Bournoutian; Hardcover; Published 1994; ISBN 1568590113

On the Right of Self-Determination of the Armenian People of Nagorno-Karabakh, Haig E. Asenbauer; Paperback; Published 1996; ISBN 9995753405

Azerinform reports, announces, rejects ISBN 5565000149

Claws of the crab: Georgia and Armenia in crisis, Stephen Brook; ISBN 0330326384

Claws of the Crab: Georgia and Armenia in Crisis, Stephen Brook; Published 1993; ISBN 1856191613

Ethnic cleansing in progress: war in Nagorno Karabakh, Caroline Cox; ISBN 3952034525

Humanitarian crisis in Armenia: a round table discussion: informal hearing before the Select Committee on Hunger, House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, first session, hearing held in Washington, DC, March 11, 1993; ISBN 0160406781

Implementation of the Helsinki accords: hearing before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, One Hundred Second Congress, first session, the Nagorno-Karabakh crisis: prospects for resolution, October 23, 1991; ISBN 0160383455

The Karabagh File: documents and facts on the region of Mountainous Karabagh, 1918-1988; ISBN 0916431266