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* [http://www.jermukolympia.am/english/city.php You can visit Jermuk as tourist pressing here]
* [http://www.jermukolympia.am/english/city.php You can visit Jermuk as tourist pressing here]
* [http://www.jermukolympia.am/russian/cityru.php Вы можете посетит в город Джермук как турист нажав Здесь]
* [http://www.jermukolympia.am/russian/cityru.php Вы можете посетит город Джермук как турист нажав Здесь]

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Jermuk (Arm: Ջերմուկ), Vayots Dzor Marz

Jermuk - Bridge over canyon into resort area

Jermuk is a great place to spend as much time as you can spare to relax and get away from it all. There is one main north to south highway in Armenia, and Jermuk is easily found off of this main road. About 25 minutes off of the highway, it is a nice way to cut the drive from Yerevan to Tatev Monastery or Karabakh in half. It is a mountain village, and was a very large and popular Soviet resort. Today it has very few visitors. The employees at the place we stayed at were extremely friendly and helpful. There are a few places called sanatoriums, which have facilities to bathe in the piping hot mineral water, but most were in very poor condition. There was also a nice hotel which could be reached by turning right at the end of the steel bridge into town and heading to a large bed and breakfast type place near a playground. This place cost less than $10 per person a night and was quite nice with heat in the winter. From here you can visit a sanatorium for a dip in the waters, or visit a roadside pool by the river.

Jermuk resort town has a lot of parks, and forested areas. The resort town is reached by turning left at the end of the steel bridge at the end of the highway. Here you will find a few shops, some reflecting pools, ponds, and a row of urns (see picture) which have different temperatures of Jermuk pouring out from a tap. If you go down to the river from the town, you will find a waterfall, and near there is a cafe built under a natural land bridge. Across the river from that cafe, by the ride of the road is a small pool full of water from the hot springs.

Jermuk Resort Town - hot mineral water gallery

Before reaching Jermuk resort area at the end of the road, you will pass a few villages and a large town named Jermuk which is separate. There is also a large lake above a dam, with recreational possibilities.

The village of G'ndevaz is perched on some cliffs at the bottom of which lays G'ndevank. I highly recommend you visit it either on the way up to, or down from Jermuk. It can be reached much easier by the dilapidated old canyon road, rather than the new highway.

Jermuk Waterfall
Jermuk Canyon
Jermuk Pond