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... it. Screaming, terrified, we'll go to any lengths to avoid it. Because we're taught that. Remember religion says it's our greatest enemy? Can you imagine that?"

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He wants to educate people about the value of the Ninth Amendment of the Constitution, which says the Constitution cannot infringe upon people's freedoms.

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people," it reads.

"That's where all the rights are for the people," Kevorkian said. " That's why it hasn't been used ... And that's one reason why I'm running: to educate the people more on the Constitutional right we have, of rights. We had it. We lost it. Can we get it back? Hard to say."

Kevorkian was trailed by documentary filmmakers, working on "Kevorkian," about his run for Congress he started after getting out of prison in 2007.

Producer Steve Jones said of Kevorkian, seemingly in awe, "he's fearless. Absolutely fearless."

Even if you don't agree with him, Jones said, you admire Kevorkian.

"No matter how controversial he is, he's so logical. It's very hard to refute him."

Nobody among the crowd tried to refute him. Perhaps the most famous Armenian American alive today, Kevorkian was greeted at the museum like a hero.

"He's among friends," Jones said. "He's one of their own."

Kevorkian, son of two immigrant survivors of the Armenian Genocide, turned to painting as a hobby, and produced 16 canvases over time. He donated all of them to the museum.

"He's a man of great integrity," said Brigham Moberly, who came from out of state to see Kevorkian, whom he admired for his political views. "He knows it's time for the revolution to begin."

Artist Katherine Keogh, who traveled with Moberly, said Kevorkian's art spoke to her.

"His artwork is amazingly poignant," she said. "He really, really strikes a chord with his paintings."

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