Individuals associated with the Denial of the Armenian Genocide

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This page contains a listing of individuals associated with the denial of the Armenian Genocide in one form or another. Whether as a historical figure or an often quoted scholar or a diplomat of today, this page will list them all with a brief comment on what their connection to Armenian Genocide Denialism is.




Admiral Bristol
(April 17, 1868 – May 13, 1939)
Historical figure He served as the United States' High Commissioner in Turkey (1919–1927). His correspondence and other documents he gathered are often cited during discussions on numerous events of that era.
Admiral Colby Chester
(February 29, 1844 – May 4, 1932)
Historical figure In 1923 he traveled to Turkey at the head of the Americans who participated in an agreement called the Chester concession.
Professor Justin McCarthy
Scholar brief
Bernard Lewis
Scholar brief
Heath Lowry
Scholar brief
Erich Feigl
Scholar brief
Guenter Lewy
Scholar brief
Samuel Weems
Scholar brief
Norman Stone
Scholar brief
Bruce Fein
Attorney brief
Tal Buenos
Scholar brief
Gwynne Dyer
Journalist brief
Recep Erdogan
Politician brief
Yusuf Halacoglu
Scholar brief
Andrew Mango
Scholar brief
Dogu Perincek
Politician brief
Standford Shaw
Scholar brief

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