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==Armenians from Ijevan==
These are Armenians who were born or who have lived in Ijevan:
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Ijevan Fact Box:
Armenian: Իջևան

Eastern Armenian: Ijevan
Western Armenian: Ichevan

Marz: Tavush Marz, Armenia
GPS: 40.877569,45.15089
Ijevan Town - river

The name "Ijevan" (15370 p) means "Inn," reflecting the Tavush capital's previous name of Karvansara, aka Istibulagh, stopping place on an important E-W road and also, since 1870, of the railroad. In the place called Hamam-Jala on the bank of the Aghstev are remains of a medieval caravansaray. The entrance to the town is marked by the massive wine factory saying Ijevan on top of it's tower. On the N side of the main road at the W end of town (cannon outside) is a small historical/ethnographic museum reopened in 1999, with a diorama commemorating the entry of the Red Army in 1920. Ijevan has a large rug factory, and wood product factories. Across from the shuka you can cross the bridge over the river and quickly reach the restored church financed by a Boston Armenian. In the SW part of town is a S. Hovhannes church. Chamber tombs near the city hospital and a late bronze age cemetery on the left bank of river attest early occupation of the site. On the southern end of the town is Ijevan Dendropark.

Ijevan Climate

From the book: Collection of Plant Species - Ijevan Subtropical Arboretum

Average annual temperature: 11C

Max absolute temp: 39C

Min absolute temp: -19C (once every 10-20 years)

Average temp in January: -1 +1C

Total sum of temps above: 5C is 3500'

Annual precipitation: 550-600mm

Precipitation during growing season (April-September): 306mm

Annual evaporation from soil surface: 700mm

Average annual humidity: 71.3% (sometimes drops to 20%)

Duration of vegetative period: 230 days

Number of days with frost: 102

Number of fine days: 206

Number of rainy days: 120

Number of days with hail: 3-4

Amplitude of average annual temp fluctuations (in January-July): 26C

The winter is short, mild, without permanent snow coverage.

Per webmaster, some plants that grow outdoors in Ijevan that do not grow in Yerevan: Florists gladiolus, muscat grapes, kiwis (A. deliciosa), persimmons, pomegranates, bay leaf, some hardy bamboos, bananas and palms.

Ijevan Town - sculpture garden
Khachkar carver in Ijevan

Armenians from Ijevan

These are Armenians who were born or who have lived in Ijevan:

Nikol Pashinyan


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