Hrayr Grigoryan

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Professor Hrayr Grigoryan, a painter, an owner of the title of International Professional artist, a member of UNESCO , a laureate of Garzu`s bonus, was born on the 6th of July 1940, in the village Horom, Shirak`s district.

For already more than four decades the creative individuality of the painter Hrayr Grigoryan is in the center of public attention, which, every time, rewards public anticipations with new and fresh perceptions and representations of man and his surroundings.

The way of his art, disclosing and confirming the beauty of life, he began still in Yerevan`s Painting College after P. Terlemezyan, then in Theatrical Institute, after, in 1963-1967, in the painting department of Riga`s Art Academy. He definitely stands apart in painting with creative description; with nice compositions saturated with subtle and lyrical spirit, complicated and contradictory psychological images, reviews emphasizing the beauty of native nature.His line is strained, sometimes light and fluent. It lives and spreads in the space, expressing the subtlest modulations of interrelations between man and nature.He has inserted a realistic comprehension of line and painting into art. The painting of the artist "In The Name of Fatherland" was awarded with a great bonus in Germany, in 1986.

The works of Hrayr Grigoryan were exhibited everywhere. Moscow, Riga, Holland, Egypt, Hungary, France, America... Here are the incomplete geographical contents, where the Armenian painter has presented his works. Many of his works today have their special places in the collections of many famous people. Jak Shirak, Gary Basmachian, Indira Gandy, Rouben Zarian, Nver Safarian, Hmayak Bdeyan and others. It`s worth mentioning that the master had taught painting in Hungary, if i am not mistaken, in 1983, in this way acquainting the foreign people with Armenian painting.

This is what other people say about Hrayr Grigoryan

"A great future is expected for this talented fellow"

USSR popular artist - Martiros Saryan

"Hrayr is a master who has created his own style and originality in painting"

USSR popular actor - Avet Avetisyan

"Hrayr is the greatest appearance in the world of painting"

Composer - Edgar Hovhannisyan

"Hrayr Grigoryan is an artist, who`s fond of life, beauty. He owns rich imagination and colors"

Art Academic - Rouben Zaryan

"Hrayr Grigoryan: talented master whose bright painting adorns my room"

Writer - Mkrtich Sargsyan

"Hrayr Grigoryan is a new appearance of Art. Each his work is an original burst of talent. It`s a flight, it`s a light, it`s a play of multicolor, very sensitive, which gives a cheerful mood"

A professor of Yerevan Medical Institute, the doctor of medical science - Norayr Vardanyan