Hrant Vartzbedian

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Born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1970, November 23

Chairman of the Executive Council of the Armenian Patrarchate of Alexandria, since April 2007.

Member of the Diocesan Council of Alexandria, since 2000

Member of the Advisory committee to the Embassy of Armenia in Egypt, since 2007

Member of the board & Secretary of the AGBU Alexandria Chapter, est 1907

Member of the board & Treasurer of the Dikran Yergat Cultural club of Alexandria, est 1902

Member of the Old Victorian Association.

Member of the board of Development of Salah Salem Community Association "DASS" (NGO)

Founder of the Armenian Yahoo Group at: With over 1200 members from around the World forming one of the largest Armenian discussion forums today.

Married to Shoghig in 2002, daughter Alik, born in 2005, daughter Arevig, born in 2006.