Hrag Vartanian

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Hrag Vartanian was born in Aleppo, Syria, raised in Toronto, Canada, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is a writer, critic and designer who regularly contributes to The Brooklyn Rail, AGBU Magazine, Ararat Quarterly, Boldtype and other publications. Director of Communications at AGBU, the world's largest Armenian non-profit organization, he also a board member of Ararat Quarterly and volunteers his time to several non-profits and charities.


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"Schwierige Wahrheiten: Die Schriftstellerin Nancy Kricorian (The Will to Resist: A Portrait of Nancy Kricorian)," in Porträt einer Hoffnung Die Armenier edited by Huberta von Voss (Verlag Hans Schiller, 2004). English edition forthcoming.

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