Hovhannes Isakov

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Admiral Hovhannes "Ivan" Isakov.

Named after him are:

  • Admiral Isakov Ave. in Yerevan.
  • Admiral Isakov Medal
  • A Soviet/Russian naval vessel, lost in (1995?)
  • Admiral Isakov School #132 in Yerevan

The rank Admiral of the Fleet could be considered equivalent to Admiral of the Navy in other nations. It was formally established by the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union on March 3, 1955 and was conferred on Admiral Nikolai Kuznetsov and Admiral Ivan Isakov (Appointed March 3, 1955).

In 1956 Kuznetsov was demoted to Vice Admiral for political reasons and Isakov remained the only Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union until his death in 1967. His successor, Admiral Sergei Gorshkov, then became the third and last Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union.

NEW MEDAL: A new “Admiral Isakov” medal is introduced in Armenia to perpetuate the memory of the outstanding state and military figure, Admiral Hovhannes Isakov, Arka agency reported.

The medal will be awarded by the decree of Armenian Defense Minister and will be presented to admirals, officers, midshipmen and seamen who had served in the Navy and naval aviation or in military units of the former USSR or CIS countries, participants of World War II, officers and ensigns of Armenian Armed Forces, as well as to servicemen of the Armenian National Army who participated in defense of the country borders.

YEREVAN, AUGUST 22. ARMINFO. A monument for Hero of the great Patriotic War Admiral Hovhanness Isakov has opened in Yerevan today on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of the admiral.

Head of the General Staff of Armenia's Armed Forces, Colonel General Mikael Haroutiunyan and First Rank Captain of the Artyusha Sanoyan opened the monument. Attending the solemn ceremony were representatives of the Armenian Defense Ministry, diplomatic missions accredit in Armenia, pupils. The authors of the monument are sculptors Gevorg Gevorgyan and Robert Balayan, architect Levon Mkrtchyan. Creation and erection of the monument were financed by the Armenian Defense Ministry. The territory nearing the monument was beautified jointly with Yerevan Municipality.

It should be noted that the monument was to open on May 9 2005, but the opening was postponed for technical reasons.