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Armenian Teen Happiness


Study: Armenian Teens Happiest In World, Canadian Teens Least Happy September 11, 2012 2:00 PM

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – One needs to travel to Eastern Europe to find the happiest teenagers in the world.

A recent study put out by the World Health Organization finds that Armenia is the home to the happiest teens on the planet, while Canadian teens are least happy.

The World Health Organization reports that Macedonia came in second, while Israel, Holland, Iceland, and Spain all tied for third.

Despite being ranked the third-happiest in the world, Israel was also ranked fifth for being the angriest. Turkey ranked first in that category, followed by Greece, Romania, and Armenia.

The unhappiest countries include Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, and Canada.

“The seemingly confounding results on happiness and anger make sense,” Dr. Yossi Harel-Fish, the WHO’s head Israeli researcher and leader of the International Research Program on Adolescent Well-Being and Health at Bar-Ilan University, said.

Dr. Harel-Fish told The Times of Israel that tension and anger have to do with an immediate “here and now” feeling.

The research took place over four years in 34 countries. Researchers asked teenagers to rate their lives on a scale of 0-10.

Armenian Adult Happiness

From: http://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherhelman/2013/01/09/the-worlds-happiest-and-saddest-countries-2/2/

Among the saddest, according to Gallup’s survey, are the citizens of war-torn regions like Iraq and Afghanistan and Yemen as well as the likes of Lithuania, Belarus, Serbia, Georgia and Armenia.

Could it be that some people are just more prone to be dour? ”Feeling unhappy is part of the national mentality here,” said Agaron Adibekian, an Armenian sociologist interviewed recently by the Associated Press. “Armenians like being mournful; there have been so many upheavals in the nation’s history. The Americans keep their smiles on and avoid sharing their problems with others. And the Armenians feel ashamed about being successful.”

Happy Planet Index

19:46 04/03/2013 » Society The Happy Planet Index: Armenia is the happiest country in Caucasus

British research center “New Economic Foundation” published a new survey on “The Happy Planet Index”, which is a composite indicator of measuring the level of happiness in the world. Armenia is the 53rd in the world and is located next to Italy (51st place), and Sweden (52nd place). Azerbaijan is on the 80th place, following just Haiti, and is above Libya (81st place). Georgia is on the 55th place.

The compilers of the index calculated formula of happiness in the following way, the, quality of life multiplied by the duration of life and share the situation with the environment. The index is based on a study of 151 countries of the world.

The happiest people of the CIS, according to the survey live in Kyrgyzstan: the country is on the 38th place in the ranking. Moldova is on the 40th, Tajikistan – 43, Turkmenistan – 95, Ukraine - 100, Belarus – 102, Kazakhstan - 119, Russia – 122.

Costa Rica, Vietnam, Colombia are top rated, and the ranking close Qatar, Chad and Botswana. France is on the 50th place in the world, United Kingdom is the 41st, Italy is 51st, Canada is 65th, Switzerland is 34th and Germany is on the 46th places.

Source: Panorama.am