Handaberd Fortress

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General view of Fortress from partway up. Copyright 2006 Arlen Dilsizian and Raffi Kojian.

Karabakh Region

A few more km past this gorge and you will see the small white row houses of the new Knaravan Village on your left, with a sheer rock rising up just past it, on top of which are the extensive and impressive Handaberd Fortress*, 600m south of the Lev River. With some foundations believed to date to the 5th century, most of the massive walls were built up over the centuries. Go through the village and up on your right hugging the hill along a well cleared trail, that eventually grows faint, but continue up to the top. Handaberd Monastery is on the slope opposite, with a terrible road leading up to it. Access to the road is up the road (keeping the houses on your right), taking your only left through the forest about half-way up the village.

Interior view of fortress with view. Copyright 2006 Arlen Dilsizian and Raffi Kojian.


<googlemap lat="40.226957" lon="46.137879" zoom="15"> 40.226957,46.137879, Handaberd Fortress </googlemap>