Hairenik Building (Boston)

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The building known from 1939 until 1985 as the Hairenik Building is a four-story structure located at 212 Stuart Street in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, USA, at the edge of the city's South End district. It was sold and vacated when its replacement, the Hairenik Building in nearby Watertown, Massachusetts, opened in 1985. At that time it housed the Hairenik Association, including the editorial offices of Hairenik, The Armenian Weekly, and The Armenian Review, as well as the Eastern United States headquarters of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, the Armenian National Committee, and the Armenian Relief Society. It previously also had housed the offices of the Armenian Youth Federation's Eastern USA region, which had moved to another Watertown location prior to 1985.

Following the Hairenik Association's move, the building housed a branch of the popular Jae's restaurant chain.


A divot several inches across can be found today at street level on the west end of the building's front. This is the period left behind when the engraved panels reading "Hairenik Association Inc." were moved to the new Hairenik Building in 1985.

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