HENQ Youth Initiative

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HENQ is building Armenian State (Hayastan Petutyun) the foundation (henq) of which is Citizen (henq), and the creed - Independent Statehood and the Law.

The mission of HENQ is to spread and develop state-building (petakanashen) mentality and civic lifestyle through the HENQ network.

HENQ Principles

The state building mentality of HENQ is constituted of three basic points:

1. We are the State.

2. The interest of the State is our interest.

3. The responsibility of the State is our responsibility.

The civic lifestyle of HENQ is based on four main principles:

1. To value and respect our State, and thus value and respect ourselves.

2. To follow and respect the laws of our State, and thus respect each other.

3. To participate in elections and public discussions.

4. To do volunteer work and develop the State’s interests, i.e., our interests.


Hay (Armenian) - With strong national and statehood conscience
Eritasard(Young)- Endowed with youth spirit
Nor (New)- With New way of thinking
Qaghakaciner(Citizens)- as the foundation of our state