H.A. Der Hova

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H.A. DerHova (also known as Mark Ryan) widely became known as one of Canada's prominent dance music producers and remixers throughout most of the 90’s. Since signing his first recording contract at 17, he has released over 150 titles as an artist, producer and remixer under various aliases, including his successful 2-member Temperance project. Mark, as the sole writer, music programmer, producer, engineer and mixer of Temperance, gained several top ten hits in Canada, won 4 Juno Award nominations and numerous licenses worldwide.

In supporting local Canadian talent, Mark has exhibited his ability to produce many genres of music, including pop, dance/house, new age, and mainstream r&b music. His crossover club remixes demonstrate his skill in creating music that can be played both on radio as well as in the clubs. At 19, he was already labeled as a top remixer from Canada by Billboard Magazine.

In 1997, just after the explosion of Mark's Billboard charting cover version of the Alphaville classic "Forever Young," with performances across Canada, the US and London, Mark parted ways with Temperance to explore new territories. He opened his own personal studio, continued supporting and producing local talent, was nominated for yet another Juno Award, and continued remixing numerous international mainstream and underground acts for worldwide releases.

In 2002, Mark relocated to the former Soviet Republic of Armenia. His love for his heritage pulled him towards a country that, although having a history of thousands of years, was yet in its infancy after independence in 1991.

His first Armenian work was the production, mixing and recording of the single "Qami Pchi" by Armenian hip hop group HAYQ. On December 14 2006, the song won the Hit of the Year award at the annual Armenian National Music Awards. That song was followed by the group's second single "Mi Patmutyun". He later went on to compose and produce numerous songs for numerous Armenian pop artists, such as Sofi Mkheyan (including the song "Ore Yev Nerkan" which again won the Hit of the Year award at the 2007 Armenian National Music Awards), R.P., Lilu, 4 Tarberak, Shprot, and Armenia's 2008 Eurovision Song Contest song "Qele, Qele".

Currently Mark continues composing and producing singles and remixes for artists/record labels abroad, as well as supporting upcoming talent in Armenia.