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* ''[[My Voice]]'' (EP), 2004
* ''[[My Voice]]'' (EP), 2004
* ''[[On My Own Two Feet]]'', 2004
* ''[[On My Own Two Feet]]'', 2004
* ''[[Fire Away]]'', 2007
==External links==
==External links==

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GRANIAN is an acoustic/electric rock band led by Garen Gueyikian. With four albums and one EP under their belt, Granian has shared the stage with Matchbox 20, Guster, Dispatch, Howie Day, Pat McGee Band and O.A.R, among others.

Granian's third studio album, "On My Own Two Feet", was produced by Mike Shimshack, and features Nir Z (John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Genesis) on drums. The album reached #1 on both CDBaby.com and Awarestore.com and the group's five independently released albums have sold over 28,000 copies to date.

A favorite at College and Satellite Radio, Granian's music has also been featured on hundreds of PodCasts all over the world reaching thousands of new fans.

Recently, Garen Gueyikian as formed a new band named Kill The Alarm.


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