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Gor (Armen) Vardanyan was born in 1972 in Yeravan. Since 1984 he has been studying karate, which has determined all his life.

He graduated from secondary school in 1989 and the same year he was admitted to Yerevan Architectural Institute, which he graduated in 1994.

Since 1994 Gor has participated in many World and USA competitions and championships and frequently gained prizes. In 1998 Chuck Norris awarded him a degree of "Master of Black Belt".

His role in promotion of martial arts school in Armenia is hard to overestimate. In 1995 he established "Full Contact Karate" school in Armenia. In 1996 he established "National Full Contact Karate Federtion of Armenia". In 1997 he created Professional League of Martial Arts "Full Contact Karate". In 1998 he established International Full Contact Karate Federation (IFCKF). This federation is not only the best school of martial arts in Armenia but also plays crucial role in creation of children's perceptions and values, formation of their way of thinking. As professional trainer and educator Gor pays special attention to this aspect first of all.

In 2006 Gor Vardanyan established new school called World Docando Federation (WDF) with headquater in Los Angeles, USA. This school is unique by its nature and completely differ from other karate schools. Style and approaches to teaching employed by World Docando Federation are unique and quite innovative. Currently Gor Vardanyan is President of IFCKF and World Docando Federation (WDF).

As President of IFCKF/WDF Gor regularly organizes competitions and championships both on local and international level. He also arranges seminars, training courses for instructors, advanced training courses, bodyguard's courses.

Gor is also the author of many publications: books, brochures, manuals.

Being energetic and creative personality Gor is engaged in filmmaking activity since 1995. In 1999 he made his first film called "The Day of Darkness". In the subsequent years there were released the following films "Choice" (2000), "Unwritten Law" (2002), "Kick of Lotus-4" (2004) (joint Russian-Armenian project). Gor is producer, director, scriptwriter, conductor of martial scenes, and performer of key roles. Besides, Gor composed music for his films as well.

In 2006 joint Armenian-American film "Destiny" was released. Presentation was being held in Armenia.

Simultaneously with his sport and filmmaking activities Gor is also engaged in career making in state service. In 1993 he entered to the office of President Security Service of the Republic of Armenia. Currently Gor is Chief Instructor of Martial Arts of RA State Security Service. He has participated in many seminars and training courses in counter-terrorism and bodyguard's training and awarded certificates and diplomas. He has worked for several years as executive officer in the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Gor Vardanyan graduated from "Alashkert" University and got a Diploma of Lawer. In 2006 he was awarded a Post Graduate Degree in Motion Picture & Video Production by Academy of Motion Picture Art & Sceinces in conjunction with The Point 360 University of Film & Video.

Gor Vardanyan never stops astonishing his admirers. He has recently issued CD with collection of his romantic melodies from films. Moreover, famous sportsman, master of karate, and actor is also professional musician and plays several musical instruments.

Gor Vardanyan always aims at attain better results whatever he launches. Thus it is no wonder that his admirers anticipate new projects and achievements from favorite actor and leave no doubt in his ability to justified all hopes entrusted to him.