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Bulghour: Wheat groats that have been parboiled, dried, and ground.

Bulghour grinds: #1 fine, #2 medium, #3 coarse and #4 extra coarse

Dzedzadz: Hulled, uncooked wheat.

Gorgod: Ground dzedzadz

Hulled vs. pearled: Hulled grains just have the outermost hull removed, while pearled ones have the next layer down, the bran, scrubbed off as well.

Kari: Barley

Lentil: Vosb

Prints: Rice

Shahra: Fine egg noodles:

Seeds & Herbs

Bahar: Allspice (Jamaican) *

Baharat: Allspice mixture (Arabic) *

Erzian: Fennel

Kakoulah: Cardamom

Karanfil: Clove

Kimion: Cumin

Kinz: Coriander

Kounji: Sesame

Mahlab: Cherry pit

Nana: Mint

Jos: Nutmeg

Rahan: Basil

Sevakundig: Nigella (black seed)

Siser: Chickpea

Sumak: Sumac berry

Vosb: Lentil

Zanjafil: Ginger

  • Baharat-A mixture of spices used in Gulf Arabic and Iraqi cooking. It is a combination of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cumin, coriander and pepper with paprika added for color.
  • Bahar: Although it is a spice from the new world (West Indies), it has been embraced in Middle East cooking for its similarity to the combined flavors of Baharat, and for that reason is called allspice.