George Stamboulian

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GEORGE STAMBOLIAN born April 10, 1938. He was a scholar of French, and advocate and critic of American literature and photography. A pioneer of queer literary studies, he also edited many very successful collections of homosexual fiction including the Men On Men series of gay fiction, and was a regular contributor to The Advocate, Christopher Street and the New York Native.

In Men on Men 3, he published a short story entitled "In My Father's Car" that explores the juncture of his gay and Armenian American identities.

He died of an AIDS-related illness in December 1991, at his home in New York leaving his partner.

The George Stambolian Papers (1955-1992) are deposited at the New York Public Library and document his work as a writer, editor and professor, and reflect his interests in gay literature and culture. The Men on Men anthologies, Homosexualities and French Literature, and Male Fantasies/Gay Realities are well represented in the collection, as are published and unpublished drafts of shorter pieces by Stambolian. The archive includes a videotaped interview with Stambolian concerning gay life at the University of Wisconsin in the 1960s.