Genrikh Gasparyan

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Genrikh Gasparyan (February 27, 1910, Tbilisi — December 27, 1995, Yerevan) was an Armenian chess player and composer. He is Deserved Master of Sports of the USSR (1956), International Grandmaster (1972) and the International Judge of Chess Compositions (1956).

Gasparyan is tenfold champion of Armenia (1934–1956), the triple champion of Tbilisi; four times participated in the championships of the USSR.

He is the author over 400 chess compositions from which 240 are noted by prizes at competitions (70 — the first prizes). The winner of six championships of the USSR on a chess composition (section of etudes).

Gapsaryan is the author of many books on history of a chess compositions.


  • Domination in 2,545 Endgame Studies by Genrikh Gasparyan
  • The Complete Studies of Genrikh Kasparyan by A. J. Roycroft.