Gandzakar Village

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Gandzakar (Arm: Գանձաքար), Tavush Marz

Crossing the Aghstev river by the bridge on the W end of Ijevan, a right turn leads to Gandzakar (3244 p, till 1978 Aghdan) with S. Gevorg church, a S. Kiraki chapel of 1286, Budur cyclopean fort E atop Budur mountain, with two 12-13th c. churches with khachkars in the forest nearby. To the W of upper Gandzakar is the ruined medieval Tanik fort. There is supposed to be a ruined "Ashot Yerkat" fort 6 km SW. However, another source says the Ashot Yerkat fort is 7 km W of Ijevan. From Gandzakar the road winds up a narrow set of unpaved switchbacks toward Berd and the Shamsadin region.

Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook