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'''Wild strawberry''', Fragaria vesca (lat.)
'''Wild strawberry''', Fragaria vesca (lat.)

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notroccnad Wild strawberry, Fragaria vesca (lat.)

Medicinal purpose

For medicinal purposes all parts of the plant are used, especially the fruit. In this content authors do not distinguish between wild and domestic sorts of strawberry. The fruit is gathered in dry weather in the morning when the dew disappears or in the evening as the wet fruit is apt to spoil. The ripe whole fruit is gathered and dried in special ovens. If dried correctly the fruit keeps its bright red color. The fruit loses its qualities if over-dried. The leaves are dried in cool, windy place and stored in boxes covered with paper from the inside. The dried fruit is stored in tin boxes. They are best before 1-2 years.

Strawberry is known as medicinal plant since 13th century. It is widely used by different countries of the world. In Armenian folk medicinal practice strawberry was used for better appetite, and to stabilize digestion. It is also used against urolithiasis and gallstone diseases, podarga, hepatitis, etc. The leave decoction is used against menstrual bleedings, ulcer, gastritis, anemia, hypertonic and heart diseases, and atherosclerosis. In Germany the leaves are used against gallstone, neural and spleen diseases, gastritis, bronchial asthma, sleeplessness, haemorrhoids, bad mouth smell, etc.

In a number of countries strawberry is used against colitis, jaundice, ulcers, rachitis and other diseases. According to N. G. Kovaleva, fruit decoction has positive affect on high blood pressure and excessive heart beat.

In scientific medicine it is proven the diuretic, resolvent qualities which are effective to cure gallstone and gastritis. The plant is also proven to have antibiotic and fitocidic qualities.

Strawberry is also widely used in cosmetics to get rid of pimples, spots from the face. In these cases strawberry juice is mixed with egg yolk (1 tea-spoon of juice to 1 egg yolk) and put on the face.


Other use


These are folk remedies and are no guarantee is made as to either their effectiveness, or their safety.