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| Atom Egoyan
| Atom Egoyan
| Director
| Director
| Won 1997 Cannes Grand Prize & 2 Oscar Nominations for "The Sweet Hereafter" also produced award winning "The Adjustor", "Exotica" and others.
| Won 1997 Cannes Grand Prize & 2 Oscar Nominations for "The Sweet Hereafter". This Cairo-born and Canadian-bred director also produced award winning "The Adjustor", "Exotica", "Ararat" and others.
| Arshile Gorky
| Arshile Gorky

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Armenian Hall of Fame

Dennis Agajanian Singer One of America's most popular gospel singers. Sings at the "Harvest Crusade".
Andre Agassi Tennis Ranked #1 in the world in 1995. Has won the Wimbledon, the US Open, the French Open, and an Olympic Gold Medal.
Hovhaness Aivazovski Painter Famous for his seascapes. Paintings are featured on numerous postage stamps around the world.
Charles Aznavour Singer French Singer and Actor with worldwide popularity. Listen to his Greatest Golden Hits, and his Autobiographie
Ross Baghdasarian Cartoonist Creator of "The Chipmunks". Alvin Simon and Theodore, a popular children's cartoon. The "Chipmunks Christmas Album" is a classic.
Eric Bogosian Writer/Actor Known for Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll and Talk Radio .
Cher (Cherylin Sarkissian) Actress, Singer Sonny & Cher Show, The Witches of Eastwick, Songs I Got You Babe, Believe. Best Actress Oscar for Moonstruck.
Michael Connors (Ohanian) Actor Star of "Mannix"
Princess Diana Princess of Wales 1/64th Armenian! The most widely known living person in the world before the fatal car accident, she was well loved for not being aloof. She made removal of landmines worldwide her cause.
Dr. Raymond Damadian Inventor MRI diagnosis machine. Magnetic Resonance Imaging allows the insides of the body to be viewed without actually using surgery.
Atom Egoyan Director Won 1997 Cannes Grand Prize & 2 Oscar Nominations for "The Sweet Hereafter". This Cairo-born and Canadian-bred director also produced award winning "The Adjustor", "Exotica", "Ararat" and others.
Arshile Gorky Painter Gorky has been called both the last of the great Surrealists and the first of the Abstract Expressionists. His work was vital to the emergence of a specifically American school of abstract art
Calouste Gulbenkian Oil Baron "Mr. 5%" Made his fortune in Iraqi oil earlier this century after gaining 5% ownership of BP, and 3 other major companies. Set up a large enduring foundation.
George Gurdjieff Spiritual Leader Gurdjieff's basic teaching is that human life is lived in waking sleep; transcendence of the sleeping state requires a specific inner work, which is practiced in private quiet conditions, and in the midst of life with others
Alan Hovhaness Composer The Prayer of St. Gregory, Symphonies, Magnificat
Viktor Hambartsumian Astrophysicist Developed theories of young star clusters, and computing the mass ejected from nova stars. Headed Byurakan Observatory in Armenia, & International Astrophysicist Organization.
Kevork Hovnanian Homebuilder One of top 10 US homebuilders
Gary Kasparov Chess Ranked #1 in world. Serving in Russian Parliament. Was defeated for the first time by a chess computer built by IBM.
Howard Kazanjian Producer Return of the Jedi and Raiders of the Lost Ark
Dr. Varaztad Kazanjian Doctor "Father of Plastic Surgery", Harvard Professor
Kirk Kerkorian Businessman, Investor Founded airlines, built worlds largest casinos, owned MGM studios and still owns MGM Grand, plus large share of Diamler-Chrysler. Funds Lincy Foundation.
Dr. Kevorkian Physician Proponent of assisted suicide. Helped dozens of terminally ill patients end their lives with his suicide machine. In Michigan jail for his work.
Aram Khachaturian Composer Gayane, Spartacus, The Battle of Stalingrad / Othello, The Sabre Dance
Emile Lahoud President President of Lebanon, former Lebanese general who united the religious factions of the Lebanese army.
Alex Manoogian Inventor, Businessman Invented single handle faucet, founded Masco.
Rouben Mamoulian Director First to use a mobile camera, Technicolor and a multiple channel sound track. Directed Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Mark of Zorro, and Silk Stalkings.
Artem Mikoyan Aircraft Designer Creator and namesake of "MiG" Fighters of the Soviet Union and Russia.
Parajanov Surrealist Artist/Producer Soviet Armenian Surrealist Producer. Works include: Fire Horses/The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, The Color of Pomegranates/Sayat Nova, The Legend of the Suram Fortress, Ashik Kerib
Ara Parseghian Coach Previous Notre Dame Football Coach, national championships in 1966 and 1973
Alain Prost Race Car Driver Won Formula 1 Race 4 Times
Raffi (Cavoukian) Songwriter/Singer Children's Songwriter. Probably the most popular in the world. Albums include Singable Songs for the children, More Singable Songs for the children Raffi's Christmas Album, Baby Beluga, and others.
William Saroyan Novelist, Playwright Won a Pulitzer Prize for the play "The Time of Your Life" which he turned down. Wrote "The Human Comedy", "My Name is Aram", and directed a prize winning movie.
Luther Simjian Inventor Inventor of Medical photography systems, Autofocus camera, Automatic Developing machine, ATM, Military flight simulator, Postage Meter.
Seymour Skinner (Armen Tamzarian) Principal Bart and Lisa's Principal on the "Simpson's". On one episode he relates he is not actually Seymour Skinner, but actually Armen Tamzarian. The town decides to never discuss his dark past again.
Spandjian Inventor Invented the famous Spandex fabric, which is named after the inventor, Spandjian.
System of a Down Music Group Music Group with growing popularity. Performed on one track of the Southpark CD, and Ozzfest. Proud Armenians, as their System of a Down album shows.
Jerry Tarkanian Coach Turned the UNLV basketball team, the "Runnin Rebels" into a west coast powerhouse, reaching the finals and winning a few times. Then coached his hometown Fresno State team.
Steve Zallian Screenwriter Received Oscar for Schindlers List, also screen wrote: Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games, Awakenings.
Zildjian Family Manufacturers Worlds Largest Cymbal Manufacturer, by using secret family production technique that produces excellent sound and very strong metal. The two brothers founded the Sabian cymbal factory, in Meductic, New Brunswick, Canada, before an argument led one brother to quit the company and form a rival brand carrying the family name, Zildjian.