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'''Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases – Z'''
'''Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases – Z'''

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases – Z


Zad: A meal preparation or dish, (K) food.

Zǎd: Back (direction); zǎd egav (He came back.)

Zǎdil: To separate; zǎd biyeh (Keep apart.)

Zakhtar: Spice mixture-Kinz (ground coriander), Kounji (ground sesame) and Agh (salt.)

Zǎnjǎfil: Ginger (P. Zanjabil),(Ab. Zenjebil),(T. Zenjefil).

Zǎnkǎg: Bell. (K. zang).

Zar: Die, dice

Zar: Perhaps, maybe.

Zǎr: Abbreviation for hǎzǎr (thousand); Pǎrov, zǎr pǎrov: with good greetings, with a thousand

good greetings

Zǎrgil: To strike.

Zeyt: Olive oil (Ab. Zayt)

Zeytoun: Olive.

Zhǎm: Church, time, hour.

Zhǎzhǎl: To be shaken.

Zhǎztsunil: To shake, to move.

Zhir: Hard.

Zhoumule: Once more, again. (A) zhoum: time, moment; (P) jumlah: all; (T) jumle: all.

Zhughulvil: To amuse (oneself). (P. Shughl: employment.)

Znglig: Fried puff.

Zubli suttul: Garbage pail

Zubloutin: Low-down, dirty tricks.

Zubul: Garbage

Zonkǎnch: Wife’s mother. Husband’s mother-in-law. (A: Zokanch).

Zukkum: A tree that grows in Hell, very bitter; Oleander; poisonous, evergreen shrub.

(Ab. Zakkum: The food of the damned; any bitter or unpleasant food.)

Zukkumi koke: Root of the Zakkum tree.

Zulukvil: To slip. (Ab. Zaliq: slippery.)

Zurt-a-zurt: Sounds of forcing.

Zurulti: Junk. (T. Zurultuh: Whining, squabble, noise; thingamabob.)

Zurzurtsunil: To force up. (Kich mi shoki zurzurtsou: Force up a little steam.)

Zuton: Already, anyway, in any case, even now. (T. Zaten) (A. Arten)