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'''Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases – T'''
'''Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases – T'''

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases – T


Tabak(h): (T/K) Plate, dish.

Tǎblil: to throw.

Tǎghvil: To dive, sink, immerse.

Tǎk: (K/T: tek) Single, odd, solitary, unit, mate. When seeking a lost slipper, one may ask: “Sour tǎkeh your eh?” (Where is the mate to this?)

Takhtabiti: Bedbug, wood lice. (Ab) Takht: bedstead. (T) Biti: louse.

Tǎkhtǎg: Wood (Ab. tahta), board (P. takhtah) (A. dakhdag)

Takhur-toukhur: Imitates an alternate and knocking noise (T. Takur-Toukour)

Tǎkmoug: (T: tekme) Kick. Nants takmoug mi dvav, kinas ki vureh beneh mdav.

Tǎktouk: (T: Tektük) Now and then, here and there.

Tamasha: Observation of a spectacle. (K. performance).

Tamam: Complete, final (P./K)

Tǎmbǎl: Lazy. (T. Tembel)

Tǎnoukǎ: Tin (T. Teneke)

Tanz: Pear

Taraf: (T) Side, edge, border.

Tǎrǎkh: Pus.

Tǎrǎs: Pimp, scoundrel. (T. Teres.)

Tǎrbiyǎ: (K) Education. (Sountsǎ tǎrbiyǎ ereh: Teach these their manners.)

Tǎrs: Perverse (T. Ters: Contrary)

Tǎrs shǎbik hǎkireh: He has worn his shirt contrarily. He is being contrary, stubborn.

Tǎrtsunil: To vomit; to turnabout.

Tas: Small pot. (T/K bowl or cup,)

Tas klokh: Bald (pothead). Toscanini: Anbajar tas klokh er (Mom)

Tǎshkǎlǎ: (K) Trouble, bad luck.

Tǎturtsunil: To stop, to end.

Tayzi: Until.

Tǎzhǎ: (K) New, fresh.

Tertsǎg: Tailor.

Tez: Fast, quick. (T. Taz) Ex. "kich pǎrtsi tez tǎrtsi" - "stack less, return quicker" Advice or admonition to someone who is laboring under a lazy man's load (overburdening oneself in order to accomplish in one trip what ordinarily would take two).

Tigh: Medicine.

Til: String, wire.

Timǎts: Front.

Tip: Chaff, dandruff.

Tisil: To pass wind (P. tiz: fart)

Tituv: Light, not heavy.

Tiv: Arm.

Top: Ball, knob, lump. Unit. Oski top: lump of gold; shakri top: lump of sugar (endearment)

Topal: (T) Lame.

Topli: Straight pin with a head. (T. Toplu: having a knob; toplu ighne: pin with a head.)

Topushdvil: To collect selves. To get organized. To become as one, prior to departure.

Tor: Door.

Totvoug: Flake, flaky.

Touk: Saliva, spit.

Toul: Loose, feeble, slack, lax, flimsy.

Toun leh: You, too.

Toup: Leaf.

Toutkal: (T/K) Glue.

Toutoun: Tobacco (T).

Touzo: Fig. Term of ridicule, applied to a man who is womanish. See Bitzig.

Toz: Dust, powder. (T)

Trantem: Doorfront.

Tsǎk: Offspring, young.

Tsǎmǎk: Dry.

Tsǎmkouts: Bathrobe, robe.

Tsen: Sound.

Tsenti g’dreh: Cut your sound! Keep quiet!

Tserkit bǎknim (see eristi bǎknim): I kiss your hand (bather to another)

Tsougeh dabgink, tsougeh oudink, mougeh dabgink, tsougeh oududink: (Tongue-twister0 We'll fry the fish, we'll eat the fish; we'll fry the mouse, we'll eat the fish.

Tukhgil: (Tukhmel)To stuff.

Tukhgvil: To be stuffed.

Tukhmǎr: Child. (A. dukhmar: Stupid, blockhead, idiot, imbecile.)

Tukhmurder: Lord of children, guardian, responsible parent; family man.

Tulf: Sediment, pulp, coffee grounds (T. telve)

Tumǎv: Finished, ended.

Tumil: To b ended, to be completed.

Tumroug: Numb, stiff, anesthetic, without feeling. (A. Tumradz)

Tumtsunil: To finish, to end, to complete.

Turchoug: Wet.

Turkǎl: Spoon. (A. Tkal)

Tursetsi: Outsider (Non-Dikranagerdtsi Armenian.)

Tushnǎmi: (K. Dizhmin) Enemy.

Tutoum klokh: Pumpkin head (derogatory term).

Tuzhoukhtsi egǎv: My hell has come; my doom is at hand. (Female talk.)

Tuzhvǎr: (K. dashwar) Hard, difficult.