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'''Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - O'''
'''Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - O'''

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - O


Ochil: Louse (A. vochil)

Oghrsouz: Rascal. (T) ill-omened. Luckless, inauspicious.

Oghul: (T) Son! (exclamation for alas, most often used by women)

Okh: Exclamation of satisfaction.

Okhash: Exclamation of satisfaction, particularly when someone gets what he deserves.

Olurvil: Turn about, move about.

Or mi: One day.

Oriah: Diamond suit in playing cards.

Orki: Cyst, boil.

Orospi: Harlot, whore, prostitute, (T) orospu

Ortagh: Partner (T. ortak)

Ortanja : Middle (child). (T. )

Oskerchi: Goldsmith, jeweler (A. Voskerich)

Oski top: Lump of gold, gold ball (Term of endearment to a child)

Oudil; To eat (Oudădzti khmădzti kezi; hălă solgheh yiur kătsiris, vov desiris.) (What you have eaten, what you have drunk is strictly your business; narrate to me where you have been, whom you have seen.)

Oughourt g’sis?: Is what you say really true?

Oughourt: True

Oulan: Alas! (T. ulan: My good fellow! Man alive!) Term used by men.

Oumouteh gdrits: He abandoned all hope.

Oumoutuh gdril: Cut off one’s hope (P. umid, T. ümid: hope, expectation)

Oushig: Softly (A. Houshig)

Oushli oyin: Card game, (T) Iskambil

Oushli: Trey in playing cards (T) uchli

Oushnă: Cherry

Outi: (T) Utu, (P/H) Uttu: flatiron

Ouvăz: Mosquito

Ouzil: To desire, to wish for, to want

Ouzis, ch’ouzis: Whether you wish to or not; whether you like it or not.

Oyin: Round. (T) Oyun: Game, play

Oyin mi Tavli: A round of Backgammon

Oyinnireh elăl: To make the rounds