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'''Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - M'''
'''Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - M'''

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - M


Mǎghdǎ: Appetite

Mǎghdǎ guh tartsuneh: He makes you lose your appetite.

Maghsouz: On purpose.

Mahana: Excuse (K-băhăna), (T. bahane)

Mǎhlǎm: (T) melhem: ointment, salve.

Maimoun: (T.) ape, monkey (Ab.) Baboon

Mǎki: Sheep

Malkat: (Ab) Milqat: Fork

Mǎm: Mother

Mala mineh: (K mala: material possessions, mineh: disappear). All my home and family have disappeared. Used to describe a child’s idea of disaster.

Mǎnǎfshǎ koki: Violet root

Mancha: (T. macha) Spade suit in Playing cards.

Mǎndr mzhour: (A. manr: small), (T. mezür; tape measure) Small measure

Mǎndr para: (A. manr: small), (T. money) Small change

Mǎndr para, kulkhou bala: (T. bela: trouble) Small change, troubled head. Mandr para - often applied to an unruly child who is a nuisance.

Mǎngǎl: (T.) Brazier

Mǎngǎna: Vise, clamp (T. mengene) Shounin bocheh daseh dǎri mǎngǎnǎyin mecheh tir, noren dzour guh mnǎh. (Put the dog’s tail in a vise for ten years, it will still remain crooked.)

Mǎrǎk: (T. merak) Great interest

Mǎrǎkǎb: (T. mürekkep) Ink

Mǎrifǎt: (T. marifet) Knowledge, skill, talent, craft, skilled trade.

Markhuma: (Ab. Mahrama) Handkerchief

Mashallah: Wonderful! (What [wonders] God hath willed!)

Mǎssǎlǎ: P. misǎl; example.

Mavi: (T.) blue, purple

Meghǎ Asdoudzo: I have sinned against God.

Meghǎ Der: I have sinned against the Lord. Lord, I have sinned.

Mglez: Little lizard (A. Moghez)

Mglor: Another day, the other day (meg al or)

Mievnoun pǎn eh: It’s the same thing.

Mighr: Honey.

Mikh: (T. muh) Carpenter’s nail

Minz: Big, great

Mishkelez: (K) little mouse

M'isi: Don't

Miyous: Other

Miyous leh: Other also

Mn: (K) I’ll. Mn ikǎm, Mn ertǎm: I’ll come, I’ll go.

Mnni: Ring (finger)

Moloril: To faint

Moloroug: In a state of fainting or vertigo

Mor: (T) Purple, violet.

Mortil: To slay, to butcher

Moug Ouso: Mouse Joseph (nickname)

Mour: Dirt, soot

Moutfounǎ: Recipe for lamb, eggplant stew with sumac

Mughlil: To fret, worry. Mi mughli: don’t fret.

Mughul: Fretfulness. Ir eresen shad mughul g’oudim: Because of him, I must swallow bitter pills.

Mukaffa: (P. Mukavva) Cardboard, pasteboard

Mulayyin: (P.) Loose bowels, diarrhea

Mun: I will. In lieu of bidi. Mun ertǎm: I will go. Mun usim or m’usim: I will tell. I will say.

Murmuril: (T) Imitates the sound of muttering.

Musafur: (T. Misafir) Guest, visitor, company.

Musil: To suck.

Mustahakk: (P) Deserving; (Ab.) Istahaqq

Muzukil: (P.) Muzhikah To mock, make a laughing stock. Yesi guh muzukis? - Are you playing with me?

Mzhig: Ant