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'''Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - K'''
'''Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - K'''

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Introduction to Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook


Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases - K


Kabab: Roasted meat

Kaboul: Against (K. kabil)

Kǎchǎl: Bald, patchy haired. (Kachal Sarkis-Historical figure)

Kadart arnim: May I suffer your grief, troubles or fate (T. keder),(P. kadar)

Kǎghkutsi: City dweller

Kǎghpedili: (T) Harlot tongue; With perfidious, deceitful heart or tongue.

Kǎghphǎrif: (T) Harlot fellow; Perfidious, deceitful fellow.

Kǎghpoli: (T) Son of a bitch (harlot) (Kaghp-oghli)

Kǎhvǎh: Coffee, coffee house (Ab-Qahwa; T-Kahve)

Kǎhvarǎngi: Brown, coffee shade

Kǎk: Shit

Kǎken damar: Shitty nerve, obstinate

Kǎketsir meche nstǎr: You shit, then sat in it.

Kǎkhǎnǎchi: Operator of a brothel; whoremaster; (T. kerkhaneji)

Kǎklǎn: Shitty

Kakoula: Cardamom (P.)

Kaluhbalugh: Crowded (T.)

Kǎngedil: To register a complaint.

Kapagh: Cover, lid (T) kapak

Karalti: Junk, (T. karaltuh: indistinct figure, blackness, spot)

Karamancha: Spade suit in playing cards (used by women) (T)

Kardash: Brother (T.) karun: belly; -dash: fellowship.

Kart: (T) Tough, hard, coarse (said of food)

Kasa: Bowl (T) kase

Kashgurdil: To pull; to tease; to torture

Kassar(ji): Fuller (Ab), (T) ji suffix

Kastal: Faucet

Kat-kat: Recipe for pastry. (T) Fold, fold; layer, layer.

Kavoun: Melon

Kavourma: Lamb, salted and boiled in water and flank fat.

Kāyamo: Dikranagerdtsi song

Kayib: Absent, missing, disappeared, (P. gha,ib, T. gaib, kayub)

Kayish: Belt, strap (T. kayush)

Kaymagh: Cream (T. kaymak)

Kedineh (chuh) mnnǎs: May you enter (not enter) the ground. The negative is used when it is meant as a benign epithet, such as when applied to a child or friend.

Kevikh: Rind, skin

Kef: Pleasure, merriment, amusement. Pronounced like keyf.(T)

Kefit, halit?: How is your pleasure, humor, disposition, health, condition, state? (T) keyif, hal.

Keril: To scratch. (A. keghrtel: to scratch, to wound slightly)

Kertil: To scrape

Kervil: To itch

Keshke: Would that (T)

Keshkeg: Recipe (T) Boiled wheat & minced meat

Kezi leh, babout leh: To you, and to your father, too. (So’s your old man.)

kh’ghjoogsi egǎv: Elicited my pity

Khǎbǎr: News, tidings (P)

Khǎdzounk: A bite size morsel of food.

Khăghăl: To play.

Khalabazoutin: Wily, deceitful, fraudulent (T. hilebaz)

Khalè: Maternal aunt (P. khalah)

Khǎlvǎt: Sparse (T)

Khǎpil: To trick, mislead.

Kharaba: Ruin, desolate, devastated. (T.harabe; P.Kharabi; Ab. Kharab)

Kharabachi: Ruiner, devastator

Khǎrgǎlǎ: (A) kher: benefit, use; (T) gǎlǎ: dearth. Derogatory term for someone who is of little benefit, useless.

Khărgil: To roast.

Khǎrjil: To spend (money) (T.harj)

Kharnuvil: To interfere, meddle, get involved

Khas: Lettuce (Ab)

Khǎshmǎr: Clown, buffoon (T) kashmer

Khǎsouleh: Dishrag

Khǎtoun: Lady (P/Ab)

Khatrit chi mnǎh: Don’t take it to heart. (P. khatir: heart) (T.hatir: sake)

Khav: Lint, nap, pile (T)

Khavli: Terrycloth towel (with nap)

Khǎvoukh: Grape

Kher eghnǎ: Response to a sneeze; May it be to your benefit, or useful. Followed by, Mǎkinirti ker eghnǎ (May your sheep be fat); Nishǎnǎdzti der eghnǎ (May your betrothed be lordly); Asdvadz Dǎdǎn bǎhǎbǎn eghnǎ (May Grandfather God be guardian)

Kher: Benefit, advantage, gain.

Kher (alternate spelling): Stubborn, perverse

Kher nǎnzim: A curse on his (its) stubbornness, perverseness.

Khetil: To sting

Khev: crazy, insane.

Khevloz: Crazy one, nut, kook.

Khevoutineh purnits: He was gripped by his madness.

Khighj: Poor.

Khighjoog grǎg: Pitiful fire

khighjus egǎv: Elicited my pity.

Khigh mi: At once

Khilk: (Khelk) Mind, brain.

Khilkit turtsoutsiris?: Have you taken leave of your senses?

Khiyalov mnǎtsi: I was left in a worried state.

Khiyalov: Worried, with care. (P. khiyal: apparition, conjecture)

KHjougsi egǎv: Elicited my pity.

Khmichk: A drink

Khonjǎdz: Tired, weary, fatigued

Khorou: Far, distance.

Khorouz: Rooster

Khorouzeh hǎvnetsǎv?: Did the rooster concur? (Play on words) hav = hen.

Khosǎl: To speak.

Khosdoug: Colic. Pain in bowels. Constipation

Khosdughoug: Suffering from colic. Colicky. Constipated

Khosh: (T. hosh) However, whereas, but.

Khotil: To insert, stick in, jam, stuff (Vurit khoteh: shove it up your ass)

Khounam: Bad, undesirable

Khrăd: Advice

Khrov: With anger

Khrovil: To get angry

Khrovoug: Angrered

Khudrgvil: To fool around

Khulfireh: He is confused, lost his wits, senses.

Khullink: Mucous, snot

Khumil: To smoke (tobacco)

Khunzuroghli: Son of a pig, piglet (Ab/T), often used in an affectionate manner.

Khupeh: Deliver a blow.

Khurǎl, khuruldǎl: To snore, drip. (T) hurultuh

Khusoum: Relative (family)

Khuzdil: To tear (Khuzkdel, khzel)

Khuzdvil: To be torn (Khzvil)

Ki: That (T.)

Kibǎh: Stuffed lamb stomach.

Kibar: Mannerly, tasteful, refined; (Ab.) great (bulky)

Kibar eghi: Assume an air of gravity; curb your levity

Kibrit: Sulphur friction match (T.)

Kich mi: A little. Kich mi shoki zurzurtsou: Force a little steam.

Kimi: Like, as. Top kimi (like a ball), kǎr kimi (like a rock), ergǎt kimi ( like iron): all responses to” How are you?”

Kimoniǎ: Kimono, robe.

Kinǎl: To know. Chi kinǎ: He/she doesn’t know.

Kinǎm: I know. Ch’im kinǎm: I don’t know.

Kinar: Shore, edge, bank, border (T. kenar)

Kint: Nose

Kinten, pinchen: From the nose, a bunch; a bloody nose, and then some

Kisǎh: Coarse bath mitt (T. kese)

Kismǎt: Destiny (P.)

Kismǎtit ourishin mi dǎ: Don’t give your destiny to someone else. (Usually said to a child who leaves food in his plate.)

Klokh guh dǎni: Takes one’s head (Bores one stiff)

Klokh: Head.

Klokheh garneh gertǎ: Takes his head and goes. (Heedless?, Reckless?)

Klokhn oudeh: May his head be eaten.

Klokhis guh bargi (chi bargi): Rests with my head (Makes sense to me) Negative form, also. Klokhsi guh godrim, khoskis ch’m godri: I’ll break my head before I break my word.

Kmmil: To squeeze

Knǎ: Go!

Knǎ knni: Go to sleep! (Pejorative response)

Knhad: Sleepy, sleepless

Knnǎv: He/she slept.

Knten-pnchen?: See kinten, pinchen

Kolinj: (T. kulunj) Cramp, colic, lumbago.

Koltough: Underarm, armpit (T) Koltuk

Kolyapan: Chiropractor (T) Kol: arm. foreleg, neck; yapan:builder, constructor.

Konagh: House guest

Koneh: At least.

Kor: Blind (T)

Koshǎ: Corner (T)

Kotǎg: Corporal punishment, beating

Kouchǎ: Alley (P.)

Kouftă: Meatballs with filling

Koum: Soil, sand (K/T)

Koumn eh: It is yours

Koulp: Cup handle

Kounviouhanadz: Born of sinful copulation.

Koupa: Heart suit in playing cards (T) kupe

Kour: Sister

Kouti: Miniature box, locket. Minchev gǎrkuvi, ǎghchigeh kots kouti eh. (Until she marries, a girl is a closed case.) (T. kutu)

Kravat: Necktie (T. < Fr. < Croatian)

Kubǎllǎ: Cupboard, closet.

Kubragh: Procurer, #1 pimp

Kudur: Es kudur/en kudur: as much as this/that. kadar(T); qadar(Ab) worth

Kughtsunǎl: To hunger

Kughtsǎdz: Hungry.

Kulkhou bala: Trouble, nuisance, headache (fig.) (A/T)

Kuluf, pǎrtsi: Pillow case.

Kourban: (Entreaty) I’ll make a sacrificial offering. (Ab. Victim, sacrifice)

Kunǎkunǎ: Quinine (Ab/T. Cinchona bark)

Kurch: (A. kourch)Rag

Kuskanj: Tweezer(s) (T. kuskach-pincer)

Kustil: To pinch (T. kusturmak)

Kutlagh: (T) Gurtlak: Windpipe, larynx, throat

Kuzhǎl: To cry out, yell, shout

Kuzukourt: Refuse, garbage, nonsense. (T. kuzulkurt: red worm, maggot)

Kuzukourti kokeh: Root of the refuse, etc.