Dikranagerdtsi Vernacular Handbook: H

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Dictionary of Dikranagerdtsi Words and Phrases – H


Hă: (K) Ă: Yes

Hă, bă: Yes, of course! Followed by Oudis băgh kibă. Alliterative follow on: May you eat cold kibă

Ha, dzo!: Ho, lad!

Hăb: (T) Hap: Pill; (earpiece)

Hăchă: Bark (dog)

Hădmuleh: Another one

Haideh: (T) Haydi: Come1 Be off!

Hairan: (T) Bewildered, filled with admiration, lover. Followed by kurban.

Haiva: (T) Ayva: quince

Haivan: (T) Hayvan: Living creature; animal; beast of burden; stupid fool

Hăji: (Ab): Pilgrim

Hăkunvil: To get dressed. To dress.

Hakyat: (A) Hekiat: Fairy tale; (T) Hikaye: story, tale, yarn (Ab) Hikaya

Hal: (T) State, condition, situation; quality, behavior

Hălă: (T) Hele: After all; especially; at least; at last.

Hala: (T) Still; yet; now; up til now; just; at the present time.

Hălă, hălă: (T) Hi, listen to me; Now just look here; Now tell me truly.

Hala-Haram: Wrong state or condition.

Halal eghnă: Response to someone’s repeated coughing.

Halal: (Ab) Lawful

Hălbǎt: (T) Certainly, of course; (K) albat; (P) albattah; (T) elbet

Halk: (T) The common people, folk, crowd

Halka: (P/T) Hoop, ring, circle, door-knocker, link on a chain

Hăloub: (Ab) Chamber pot

Hǎmbril: To count, enumerate. Examples: Meg, ergouk, irek, chours, hing, vits, yoteh, outeh, inneh, daseh, dusnumeg, dusvergouk, dusvirek, dusnuchours, dusnuhing, dusnuvits, dusnuyoteh, dusnuvouteh, dusnuvineh, ksan.

Hăngărdz: As it happens.

Hăps/Hăpskhana: (T) Hapis: Imprisonment/jailhouse

Haram: (Ab) Wrong, forbidden by religion, unlawful, illicit, taboo

Hărgăvor: Bathroom, toilet, privy, necessary

Hărif: (T) Herif: Fellow

Hărifana: (T) Herif ana; Fellow man; fellowship principle; Dutch treat

Hăroutin, shăkrikoutin: Haroutiun, sugar box

Hǎrs: Bride

Hărs: (K) Anger

Hărsodǎv: He got angry

Hăshifis ch’egăv: Not as calculated; not as expected; not up to my standards

Hăts: Bread

Hava: (T) Air, sky

Hăvou ăchk: Chicken’s eye. Number one on a die (Tavli)

Hazr: (T) Ready

Hech: (T) Hich: none, no, nothing, not at all, never

Hentz: Ordinary, plain

Hey gidi: Interjection: O those times! O the good old days!.

Hey Janumuneh: Exclamation. (P/T) O my dear soul!

Hivănd: Sick

Hivăntănots: Hospital

Hivăntoutin: Sickness

Hodoug: Stinker. (T) hödük: Boorish, clumsy, lout, bumpkin

Hodurănknir: Smells, odors

Hokit sirim: Love your soul. Followed by “Kadart arnim”

Houd: Smell, odor

Hounăr: (T) Huner: Skill; dexterity; ability; art; talent; behavior, mannerism

Hurdigvil: To go away, Knă hurdigvi: Get lost!

Huskout eghi: Be silent!

Huskout: (Ab) Uskut: Silence!

Hyva: Quince