Derek Sherinian

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DEREK SHERINIAN His latest album, released on the 9th of November 2004, features a number of high-profile guests such as Zakk Wylde, Steve Stevens, Simon Philips, Marco Mendoza, Brian Tichy...

Currently he is on tour with Billy Idol

Alice Cooper on Derek Sherinian: "There are a few people on this world who are born rock stars, he is one". Derek was born Laguna Beach, California. - an hour south of Los Angeles. He started playing the piano at the age of 5, During his school years, Derek got offered a scholarship to the prestigious Berkley School of Music in Boston, where - from his junior year on in 1982- he jammed with the likes of Will Calhoun who went on to play the bass guitar with Megadeth and others...

After three semesters at Berkley Derek felt he had what it took to get up on the big stage, and he got a phone call from his Berkley buddy Pitrelli, who had just been named musical director of the Alice Cooper band, they were looking for a keyboard player... He auditioned and got it.

Then Sherinian played with Kiss and Dream Theater alongside other bands, he even formed a band of his own: Planet X, which was supposed to be the name of his first solo album. Planet X released four albums. Derek himself has released four solo albums... the number which is the astonishing one is the number of albums he has been in, and as a band member, essential, is 19!!!

Another one of us who's made it in the big time!

visit his personal website:

Source: Gibrahayer