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The content on this site (both photos and text) is free to reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution and Share Alike 3.0 license - EXCEPT MATERIALS WHICH ARE COPYRIGHT BY OTHER SOURCES. If you are uncertain, please ask. If you do use materials from this site, the attribution should say that the source of your material is, and you should make that attribution both easily visible, and hyperlinked where possible. The attribution should be shown in every instance the material is used, on every page. Not hidden somewhere. It's free material, as long as you give proper attribution, so please give it. If you do not, it becomes an illegal copyright violation. Thank you.

Again, some text on this site does NOT fall under the Creative Commons license, because the copyright is held by someone who has not released it. These texts are normally (but not always) in separate sections with copyright notices, but if you want to be certain, you can ask.

Other Copyrights

Some material on this site has a copyright held by others. It should be noted by the content that it is from another source, but if you are uncertain you can ask.

Used with permission

Much of the copyright information is either used with permission, which is indicated on the page, usually with a "copyOK" template use, or a more specific tag unique to the copyright holder, eg. armenianow, agbu, etc.

Fair use

Some of the copyright material is either very brief, or consists of excerpts which follow fair use standards. The copyright source should still be mentioned.

Other cases

The last category is short material posted in order to extract the useful information according to fair use. Alternatively, you can try to get permission from the copyright holder to use the article in its entirety if it would be valuable to the site, at which time you could place the "copyOK" tag instead of rewriting it.