Common Denialist Arguments (part 1)

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This page contains some common arguments employed in the denial of the Armenian Genocide. Rebuttals and issues with the arguments are shown in blue..

"The Turkish Government vehemently disputes the Genocide charge."

"Vehemently disputing" any charge does not prove one's innocence.

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument1

"The events in 1915 were ethnic cleansing, not Genocide."

The jurist who coined the word Genocide was Raphael Lemkin ]. His concept of the crime was based on the Armenian Genocide. In 1997 the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) unanimously passed a formal resolution affirming the Armenian Genocide.

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument2

"It’s Not Genocide Because Not All Armenians Were Killed"

Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 9, 1948, defines genocide as “acts committed with the intent to destroy in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such.”

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument3

"If there really was a Genocide then Armenia would have taken Turkey to International court by now."

Armenia's inaction on the legal front at this point in time does not imply the Ottoman Empire is innocent of the charge of Genocide.

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument4

"Census records show the there weren't 1.5 million Armenians in the Empire on the eve of WW1."

Even if that is correct, how does that imply the Ottoman Empire is innocent of the charge of Genocide.

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument5

"Armenia won't open their archives"

Armenia's archives are open and have been for a number of years. Contact details can be found on their National archives website.

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument6

"It wasn't a Genocide because the Armenians have inflated the death toll"

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument7

"It wasn't a Genocide because there were deaths on both sides."

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument8

"The Ottoman leadership didn't intend to exterminate the Armenians, so it can't be called a Genocide."

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument9

" Armenians were victims of civil war and unrest."

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument10

"The genocide claim is just being used against the losing side in the First World War."

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument11

"The genocide claims are simply just war-time propaganda."

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument12

"The genocide claims are simply a product of Western anti-Turk sentiment."

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument13

"It was a relocation that went horribly wrong."

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument14

"It was famine and disease that killed the Armenians, not Genocide. All Ottoman citizens suffered."

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument15

"Since no country recognizes the Turkish experience during the Balkan wars as genocide, it is unreasonable to call what happened to the Armenians in Anatolia genocide."

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument16

"The Genocide claims are nothing but an international lie."

Link : Denialist Arguments (part 1)#DenialistArgument17

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