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Founded in 2000, the Children of Armenia Fund is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization (501(c)3) solely dedicated to the positive development of the children and youth in Armenia. Our objective is to address all areas of essential child development by creating sustainable and effective programs designed to reverse the current impoverished conditions that affect the majority of the population and beneficially impact the greatest number of young Armenians. The best way you can help is to make a contribution. The COAF mission

Our mission is to reverse the currently impoverished conditions that affect significant numbers of young Armenians. Our goal is to accomplish this in the shortest amount of time but with the longest lasting results. The COAF vision

We seek an Armenia in which every young person has:

  • The essentials necessary for healthy development
  • The opportunity to receive a superior education and apply their individual talents, ingenuity and resourcefulness to economic and cultural enterprises
  • A safe place to sleep, play, learn and work
  • Good values and marketable skills to grow into productive adults
  • A strong sense of personal dignity and national pride

The COAF strategy

To provide tools, facilities and education to restore a safe, nurturing environment in which the children of Armenia can thrive and grow into socially responsible adults, COAF actively works to:

  • Leverage relationships with global organizations to implement new initiatives
  • Support existing programs with financial grants and collaborative efforts
  • Expand existing programs via partnerships with key organization, companies and governmental agencies

Why COAF needs your help

The Children of Armenia are in urgent need of your support. Time is not on their side. The next five years will be critical for the children and youth of Armenia. Without our help there is a substantial risk that they will lose all hope and face an uncertain future. No generation with a broken spirit can be up to the challenge of competing in an ever-globalized economy nor with their neighbors in the region. The goal of the programs at COAF is to provide the basic infrastructure and training for these children, so that they can learn, as well as receive essential and preventative medical care. COAF programs are designed to strengthen and sustain the long-term viability for Armenia.

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