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[[Image:Cascades-CIMG4907.JPG|thumb|400px|right|Cascade steps in central [[Yerevan]].]]The Cascades are a massive stairwell up the side of a hill in [[Yerevan]], connecting the central district to [[Haghtanak Park]] and the Nork area.  The views are spectacular, and for the lazy there are escalators on the left hand side inside the structure.  The structure was privatized by [[Gerard Cafesjian]] and the top is the site of construction for his art collection.  In the summer there are free open-air concerts held with the cascade steps themselves serving as seating/stands.
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Some of the statues have already been brought in and placed all along the Cascades - including works by [[Lynn Chadwick]], [[Barry Flanagan]], [[Stanislav Libensky]] and [[Jaroslava Brychtova]].  There are two statues by [[Fernando Botero]] - a black [[Cat]] at the bottom and a [[Roman Gladiator]] at the top on the platform.
==External links==
*http://www.cmf.am - Cafesjian Museum Foundation
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[[Image:Cascades-DCP_1933.JPG|thumb|650px|center|Yerevan City - view from about halfway up the Cascades]]
[[Image:Arm-navy-band-CIMG6283.JPG|thumb|650px|center|[[Armenian Navy Band]] concert at the Cascades]]

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