Bremen Armenian Genocide Monument

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AZG Armenian Daily #077, 29/04/2005


Arsen Narimanian, resident of Bremen, Germany, sent a letter to Azg and informed that Bremen also commemorated 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide on April 24. In addition to numerous arrangements organized throughout the world, a khachqar (cross-stone) monument standing two meters and dedicated to the memory of the innocent victims of 1915 was opened in the center of Bremen.

"The Truth should always win," priest Serob Isakhanian said after consecrating the memorial. He also called for the German Turks that were standing in some meters and trying to hinder the arrangement not to take any provoking action.

Henning Scherf, mayor of Bremen, welcomed the initiative of the Armenian community of Northern Germany, stating that millions of Armenians became the innocent victims of the genocide. "I must commemorate the innocent victims among our society. We, the Germans, have our share of gilt in this crime. It's high time for all of us to realize that and accept our errs committed in the past. We should respect each other," Mayor of Bremen said.

By Gohar Gevorgian

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