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Online Dictionaries:

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Modern Western Armenian by Dora Sakayan
Arod Books, 365pp Montreal, Canada, 2000, ISBN 0969987927

Mesrob Mashdotz : a 5th century life: a retelling of Koriun's Life of Mashdotz; Elise Antreassian Bayizian; ISBN 0934728143

New Approaches to Medieval Armenian Language and Literature (Dutch Studies in Armenian Language and Literature ; 3); J.J.S. Weitenberg (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 9051838034

A dictionary of the Armenian Church; Maghak°ia åOrmanean; ISBN 0934728127

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Armenian Linguistics : McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 1-5, 1995 (Anatolian And); Dora Sakayan (Editor); ISBN 0882060856

Anthology of Western Armenian Literature;Hardcover; ISBN 9992681527

American National Standard System for the Romanization of Armenian;Paperback; ISBN 0686282396

English-Armenian Armenian English Modern Dictionary; M. Koushaksjian; Hardcover; ISBN 0686689348

Armenian-English/English-Armenian (Hippocrene Concise Dictionary); Diana Aroutunian, et al; Paperback; ISBN 0781801508

Armenian Dictionary in Transliteration : Western Pronunciation : Armenian-English English-Armenian; Thomas, J. Samuelian; Paperback; ISBN 0781802075

Hippocrene Compact Dictionary : Armenian-English English-Armenian; Diana Aroutunian, Susanna Aroutunian; Paperback; ISBN 0781805007

English-Armenian, Armenian-English Dictionary (Armenian & Eng.); M. Koushakdjian; Hardcover; ISBN 0828817057

New Dictionary Armenian-English; Mathias Bedrossian; Hardcover; ISBN 0866851224

English-Armenian Modern Dictionary; Mardiros,Khantrouni, Dicran Koushakdjian; Hardcover; ISBN 0866855378

Elementary Modern Armenian Grammar (Hippocrene Language Studies); Kevork H. Gulian; Paperback; ISBN 0870528114

English Armenian Armenian English Dictionary; H. Yacobian; Hardcover; ISBN 0875590047

English Armenian Modern Dictionary;Hardcover; ISBN 0875592023

Armenian English Modern Dictionary;Hardcover; ISBN 0875592031

Spoken East Armenian; Fairbank; Paperback; ISBN 087950420X

Spoken East Armenian/Course Book With Cassettes; L. Gordon; Hardcover; ISBN 0879504226

An Introduction to Classical Armenian;Hardcover; ISBN 0882060090

A Textbook of Modern Western Armenian;Paperback; ISBN 0882060120

First International Conference on Armenian Linguistics : Proceedings; 1st, University of p International Conference on Armenian Linguistics; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060449

Bark Galianosi' : The Greek-Armenian Dictionary to Galen; John A.C. Greppin; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060643

Handbook of Armenian Dialectology; John A.C. Greppin; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060651

An Introduction to Classical Armenian; Robert W. Thomson; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060724

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Armenian Linguistics : Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, September 14-18, 1991; John A.C. Greppin (Editor); ISBN 0882060775

Studies in Classical Armenian Literature (Anatolian and Caucasian Studies); John A. C. Greppin; Hardcover; ISBN 0882060805

Modern Western Armenian;Hardcover; ISBN 0882064444

A Textbook of Modern Western Armenian; Kevork B. Bardakjian; Paperback; ISBN 0882065041

English-Armenian Armenian English-Dictionary; M. Koushakdjian; Hardcover; ISBN 0884310671

Armenian, Western (Afar 15); Bradakig; Hardcover; ISBN 0884324443

Renyi Picture Dictionary : West Armenian and English; P. Renyi; Hardcover; ISBN 0887298737

Vocabulearn-Armenian/English Level 1/Wordlist and 2 Cassettes;Audio Cassette; ISBN 0939001454

Vocabulearn-Armenian/English : Level 2 / Wordlist and Cassettes;Hardcover; ISBN 0939001462

Language Connections : Kindship of Armenian With Sister Indo-European Language; Sarkis S. Saryan; Hardcover; ISBN 096103940X

A Course in Modern Western Armenian : Exercises and Commentary; Thomas J. Samuelian; Hardcover; ISBN 0961793317

Course in Modern Western Armenian Dictionary and Linguistic Notes; Thomas J. Samuelian; Hardcover; ISBN 0961793325

Armenian Dictionary in Transliteration : Western Pronunciation : Armenian-English, English-Armenian; Thomas J. Samuelian; Hardcover; ISBN 0961793333

Armenian Eastern Newspaper Reader & Grammar; R. David Zorc; Hardcover; ISBN 1881265005

Armenian (Eastern)-English Dictionary; Louisa Baghdasarian; Hardcover; ISBN 1881265072

Alphabet armâenien; Seta Papazian; ISBN 285721037X

A Reverse Analytical Dictionary of Classical Armenian (Trends in Linguistics : Documentation, No 9); Paul Jungmann, J.J.S. Weitenberg; Hardcover; ISBN 3110129388

Armenian Loanwords in Turkish; Robert Dankoff; ISBN 3447036400

An introduction to the study of classical Armenian; Robert Godel; ISBN 3920153375

Parallel Aligned Text and Bilingual Concordance of the Armenian and Greek Versions of the Book of Jonah (Dutch Studies in Armenian Language and Liter); J.J.S. Weitenberg; ISBN 9051833903

Armenisch - Turkisch. Etymologische Betrachtungen Ausgehend Von Materialien Aus Dem Hemsingebiet (Dutch Studies in Armenian Language and Literature ;); Uwe Blasing; ISBN 9051838131