Birds of Armenia

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As a land bridge between Africa, Europe and Asia, Armenia has a massive number of bird species which either live, or migrate through each year. Some excellent resources exist for those interested in this subject - primarily through the Birds of Armenia project.

A Field Guide to Birds of Armenia
M. S. Adamian and D. Klem, Jr. 1997. 223 pages, 61 color plates.
ISBN 096574292X Hard Cover or ISBN 0965742911 Flexible Lexatone Field Cover
This richly illustrated book depicts all 346 species of birds known to occur in Armenia, includes range maps showing where you are most likely to find each species, provides clear, concise text to aid you in identification, and has introductory chapters, including one on the history of bird study in Armenia. A must for the field, bookshelf, or coffee table!

Handbook of the Birds of Armenia
M. S. Adamian and D. Klem, Jr. 1999. 656 pages. ISBN 0965742938 Hard Cover
The most comprehensive and scientifically documented work on the birds of Armenia. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in the birds of this east-west border region, but especially for advanced amateurs, libraries, and ornithologists and other con servation and environmental professionals.

Reference Map for the Birds of Armenia Project (Map of Armenia)
ISBN 0965742946 The most accurate map available for Armenia and useful to anyone with an interest in Armenia!
This map visually identifies the precise geographic location of each ornithological record in A Field Guide to Birds of Armenia and the Handbook of the Birds of Armenia. In the gazetteer (map index), historic names in original records are cross-referenced to their contemporary location names.


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