Azat Caves

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The Azat Caves are found in Khosrov Forest State Preserve in Armenia. The main cave has ruins of an ancient human settlement. Access to the preserve is with permission, and the main cave can only be reached on foot.


From Garni Village, take the cobblestone road down to the river below the village. At the bottom, turn left, go up the river (past the fish farms) to the bridge, cross, and follow the road up to the gate of Khosrov preserve. The gatekeeper must open the gate (you are best off with prior permission). Drive down and then along the river to the second gate. There is a house with the key - this gate will definitely not be opened for you without permission. Continue following the river past the gate, until you reach the end of the road. From here, continue again along the Azat river, on foot. A pretty clear trail leads you between the river (on your right) and the cliffs (on your left). The turnoff to the cave is not marked, nor is it obvious. The GPS position of the turnoff is: 40 04' 0"n x 044 54' 20" You can follow the map to where the dashed lines end, and look at the photos on this page for visual cues. Alternatively, a guide will be able to locate it for you.

Map showing the location of the cave


<googlemap lat="40.06666666" lon="44.90555555" zoom="15"> 40.06666666,44.90555555, Azat Caves turnoff. Head north up hillside. </googlemap>