Arzakan Hot Springs

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Arzakan Village, Kotayk Marz

The hot mineral springs of Arzakan are less than half an hours drive from Yerevan, and are popular with locals. The fastest way to get there is to go up the Sevan Highway and exit west to Charentsavan. From there head NW to Arzakan. As soon as you pass the Hrazdan your reach a road which means you are in Arzakan village. Continue straight into the village (right takes you to Bjni) and turn left at the dead end over the bridge, then right on your first significant road, and take the left fork before (without crossing) the bridge. You will soon come upon at least one compound where your group can rent out the pool pictured for 5,000 AMD (about $10/hr). It is a flat price, no matter how many people are in your group, and you get the entire pool to yourself. I am not sure if there are places to swim other than this one, but the facilities here were quite nice, and the water was great.