Armine Ishkanian

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Dr Armine Ishkanian is Lecturer in NGO management at the London School of Economics. Her research interests include NGOs; civil society; social policy; gender; globalisation; and anthropological approaches to development in post-socialist countries particularly in the Caucasus and Central Asia. She recently completed an ethnographic research project in Armenia on the role of NGOs during the post-Soviet transition that was funded by the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) and which included research with donor agencies, government officials, oligarchs (i.e., business magnates), as well as NGOs.

Armine Ishkanian has conducted research on poverty in and labour migration from post-Soviet states. Currently she is also conducting research on diasporic NGOs and their 'homeland' partners. Publications


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  • Armenian [Spoken: Fluent (Broadcast); Written: Fluent]
  • Russian [Spoken: Intermediate; Written: Intermediate]

Summary of research interests and expertise: Ms Ishkanian's research interests include post-Soviet transitions in the Caucasus and Central Asia, the role of NGOs, global civil society and human rights. She is also interested in poverty and the impact of poverty reduction strategy papers in the Caucasus and Central Asia as well as labour and sex trafficking, and migration from post-Soviet states to the west.

Experience keywords: NGOs; Global Civil Society; Human Rights; Poverty and PRSP; Development Issues; Migration; Armenia; Caucasus; Central Asia


Article by Dr Ishkanian: