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The Armenian Reporter, New York's independent English-language news weekly, was first established in November 1967 by the late Edward K. Boghossian. With over 40 years of continuous publication, the paper is considered the leading Armenian newspaper in the United States. Of all such weeklies published in this country, it has the largest paid circulation and is read coast to coast and in many foreign countries. Copies of the weekly are also sold on newsstands in Glendale, CA and Switzerland. The Reporter has a professional staff in its New Jersey headquarters and has several correspondents in the US and in certain key foreign countries. Most of the contents of the paper do not appear in other English-language Armenian newspapers. Its Op-Ed section carries articles and in-depth analysis on burning issues affecting the Armenian people throughout the world. The weekly is very highly regarded throughout the world and is recognized as an opinion-formulating vehicle.

The Reporter is published by the Armenian Reporter LLC. Sylva A. Boghossian is the publisher, Christopher H. Zakian is the Managing Editor and Vincent Lima is the Editor. The Reporter is mailed out every Thursday of the week in which it appears. The electronic edition is online no later than the same week.


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