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This page hosts a list of books on Armenian Church & Religion. If a book is missing, you can add it using the add a book form.

 Book Publication YearBook ISBNBook CategoryBook Short Description
Meshach Paul Krikorian: The Spirit of the Shepherd1999978-0916035990Genocide
Church & Religion
Biographies & Memoirs
One Church, One Nation2013Church & Religion
Arts & Photography
The Chuch of Armenia (book)1910History
Church & Religion

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Art in the Armenian Church : Origins and Teaching; Garabed Kochakian; Paperback; ISBN 0934728275

Armenian portraits of faith : stained glass windows, St. Mesrob Church; Garabed Kochakian; ISBN 0940316013

Iconographie armâenienne : catalogue de 720 piáeces originales du XVe au XXe siáecle = Armenian iconography: catalogue of reprod Sarkis Boghossian; ISBN 2950052800

Armenian Art Treasures of Jerusalem (80724); Hardcover; ISBN 9995034832

The Conversion of Armenia : A Retelling of Agathangelos' History; Valerie Goekjian. Zahirsky; Paperback; ISBN 093472816X

The deaconess in the Armenian Church : a brief survey; Abel Oghlukian; ISBN 1885011008

Mesrob Mashdotz : a 5th century life : a retelling of Koriun's Life of Mashdotz; Elise Antreassian Bayizian; ISBN 0934728143

Christians in Persia: Assyrians, Armenians, Roman Catholics and Protestants; Robin E. Waterfield; ISBN 0042750016

Christians in Persia: Assyrians, Armenians, Roman Catholics and Protestants; Robin E. Waterfield; ISBN 0042750024

Christians in Persia: Assyrians, Armenians, Roman Catholics and Protestants,; Robin E. Waterfield; Textbook Binding; ISBN 006497488X

Armenian Church; Theodore Edward Dowling; Hardcover; ISBN 0404021670

Armenian Church : Founded by Saint Gregory the Illuminator; Edward F. Fortescue; Hardcover; ISBN 0404025188

The Armenian Church; Babgåen Kiwlåesåerean; ISBN 0404029493

Commentary on the Pslams : And from the Various Office-Books and Hymns of the Roman, Mozarabic, Ambrosian, Gallican, Greek, Coptic, Armenian, and Syrian; J. M. Neale (Editor); ISBN 0404046800

The present state of the Greek and Armenian churches, anno Christi, 1678; Paul Rycaut; ISBN 0404054765

Council of Chalcedon and the Armenian Church : With Maps (Orthodoxies and Heresies in the Early Church Ser.); Karekin Sarkissian; Hardcover; ISBN 040462393X

The teaching of Saint Gregory; an early Armenian catechism; Agat°angeghos; ISBN 0674870387

Armenian Illustrated Gospel-Books; V. Nersessian; Textbook Binding; ISBN 0712301356

Imperialism, Evangelism and the Ottoman Armenians 1878-1896; Jeremy Salt; Hardcover; ISBN 0714634484

Eastern Christian liturgies: the Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, and Syrian rites; Eucharistic rites with introductory notes and rubrical instructions; Peter D. Day; ISBN 0716505959

Text and Context : Studies in the Armenian New Testament : Papers Presented to the Conference on the Armenian New Testament May 22-28, 1992; S. Ajamian (Editor), M. E. Stone; ISBN 0788500333

Astuatsashunch Matean Hin Ew Nor Ktakarants (Classical Armenian Texts Ser); Hovhann Zohrapian (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 0882060546

Armenian Version on the Testament of Joseph : Introduction, Critical Edition, and Translation (Texts and Translations, No. 6.); Michael Stone (Editor); Paperback; ISBN 089130035X

The Armenian version of IV Ezra; ISBN 0891302557

The Armenian version of IV Ezra; ISBN 0891302875

The Tondrakian Movement : Religious Movements in the Armenian Church from the Fourth to the Tenth Centuries (Princeton Theological Monograph, 15); Vrej Nersessian; Paperback; ISBN 0915138999

Refutation of the Sects (Armenian Church Classics); Koghbats I. Eznik; Paperback; ISBN 0934728135

Saints and Feasts of the Armenian Church; Patriarch Torkom Koushagian; Paperback; ISBN 0934728186

Bless, O Lord : Services of Blessing in Armenian Church; Garabed Kochakian; Hardcover; ISBN 0934728216

Commentary on the Divine Liturgy (American Church Classics); Xosrov Anjewac'I, S. Peter Cowe (Translator); Paperback; ISBN 0934728232

Armenia and the Bible : Papers Presented to the International Symposium Held at Heidelberg, July 16-19, 1990 (University of Penn Armenian Tex); Christoph Burchard; Hardcover; ISBN 1555405975

Armenia:Mekhitarist Community Lturgi;Audio CD; ISBN 6302092469

Armenian Church Patristic and Other Essays; Mesrob Ashjian; Hardcover; ISBN 9994775022

Faith, Church, Mission : Essays for Renewal in the Armenian Church; Vigen Guroian; Hardcover; ISBN 9994988603

Faith, Church, Mission : Essays for Renewal in the Armenian Church; Vigen Guroian; Hardcover; ISBN 999530709X

The Armenian Evangelical Movement : Why Needed Why Separated : An Inquiry; Hagop Apraham Chakmakjian; Paperback; ISBN 9996467899

Armenian Apocrypha Relating to Adam and Eve (Studia in Veteris Testamenti Pseudepigrapha, Vol 14); Michael E. Stone (Editor); Hardcover; ISBN 9004106634

Armenian apocrypha : relating to the patriarchs and prophets; ISBN 965208042X

Classic Armenian Recipes : Cooking Without Meat; Alice Antreassian, Mariam Jebejian; Hardcover; ISBN 0935102051

The 40 Days of Lent : Selected Armenian Recipes; Alice Antreassian; Paperback; ISBN 0935102167

A dictionary of the Armenian Church; Maghak°ia åOrmanean; ISBN 0934728127

Studies in Armenian Literature and Christianity (Collected Studies, 451); R.W. Thomson; Hardcover; ISBN 0860784118