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A list of Armenia(n) related blogs.

Introduction to the Armenian blogs

Since 2001 creation of a blogging section in Armenian blogs have gone a long way and today sport a variety of content, themes, frequency, platforms and language versions. In the article by the AGBU entitled: "ARMENIAN BLOGS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY: IS ANYONE LISTENING?" the author writes about the Armenian blogs:

...a crop of Armenian blogs is emerging to suggest that the blogosphere (as the blog world is called) promises to make a growing impact in the future. From politics to personal stories, blogs are as varied as their authors. While some strive for professionalism and others flounder in navel-gazing, the energy derived from their diversity is what makes blogs some of the best sources of up-to-date information today.

Armenians writing in Armenia

Armenians writing outside Armenia

Non-Armenians writing about Armenia and Armenians


Dead blogs (no longer updated)