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The Armenian Network of America Inc. abbreviated ARMNET or ANA is a Non-Profit Armenian Professional Organization. It was established in New York, New York in 1984.


In August of 1983, an exciting thing happened; a small group of young Armenians met to discuss the idea of creating a "new" Armenian organization. Before echoes of "oh no...another Armenian organization" could be heard, those involved determined that their new group would indeed be different. The envisioned organization was to progressively respond to the complicated career, educational, cultural, and social concerns of Armenians in America today.

As the idea developed, the concept of "networking" Armenians through a computer data base gradually emerged as the primary feature which would distinguish this new organization from other Armenian groups. The focus of this networking service, and of the organization itself, was to be the seemingly unlikely relationship between Armenian identity and career/professional development.

The originators of this "networking" organization had all previously been involved with the Armenian community and with other Armenian organizations. Based on their experiences, this gorup of dedicated individuals perceived Armenians in American society today as being torn between the desire to be an "Armenian", ie., enjoying and preserving their rich cultural heritage, and the pressures of everyday life in American society, ie., the desires felt by naturally industrious individuals to succeed, to seek higher education, professional status, career advancement and to develop as mature, accomplished individuals.

The "Network" was envisioned as a means of reconciling these potentially conflicting desires. Through the use of a computer database containing biographical information on Armenians from all walks of the professional, educational, cultural, and business worlds, this new group would institutionalize a formal means by which Armenians could achieve their personal goals in American society by seeking assistance from other Armenians. As a result, individuals could accomplish professional or career goals while developing and strengthening the ties between members of the Armenian "community".

To understand what the Network is really about, it may be helpful to think of it as an invisible thread running through the Armenian community, binding its members together in a close-knit, highly communicative and highly productive group. Alternatively, the Network can be seen as a greenhouse, providing the nurturing conditions which will allow Armenians as individuals, and as community as a whole, to reach their full potential in American society, while at the same time nourishing the rich cultural heritage which brings all Armenians together.

Since 1984, The Armenian Network of America, Inc. has been a professionally-based community organization that has provided Armenian American professionals the opportunity to interact. The National Board currently overses 2 Chapters operating in two cities New York and Washington DC. Each chapter operates independently, catering to the dynamics of the designated geographic area.

The Armenian Network incorporates Regional Executive Committees, responsible for the management of Network activities/functions for a designated geographic area and a National Board of Directors, which oversees the management of the corporation. The Regions are able to network through the common databases, via telephone, email, and services hosted on , as well as during educational and social events. Regional interaction occurs at the Annual Conference where business and professional topics are presented and through communication channels maintained by the National Board. Community individuals are recognized for their success in their professional endeavors.


  • Providing a forum for the advancement of Armenian Americans, integrating professional, cultural and social elements.
  • Promoting the interests of the Armenian American community through a forum which is ecumenical, non-partisan, global and broad-minded in practice and in opinions.
  • Addressing issues facing Armenians worldwide.



  • Washington Region Chapter
  • Greater New York Region Chapter

Washington Region Chapter Presidents

New York Region Presidents

National Executive Board

Past & Present Activites

Social Events

  • Proud Sponsor of the Annual Alexandria Armenian Festival-
  • Annual Picnics
  • Annual Camping/Hiking Trips
  • Monthly Networking Happy Hours
  • Ski Trips
  • Pan-Armenian Food Events
  • Museum and special event group outings
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Annual Wine Tasting Event

Professional Events

  • Seminars (Topics: Financial Services, Industry Specific events, Educational, etc..)
  • Resume building workshops
  • New Author Book Lectures


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