Armenian Maps

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High resolution secret Soviet military maps are available for viewing and download at different scales at

Country Maps

Regional Topographic Maps

A complete set of 1:100,000 scale topographical maps of Armenia are available at, as are a complete set of 1:50,000 scale maps of Armenia and Karabakh. They are in Russian, from the Soviet period, but are quite helpful.

The following maps are basic overviews of the main sights of Armenia only. Originally 200,000:1 scale, they are now all out of whack, but give a good idea of the topography and main sites in the marzes of Armenia.

Rediscovering Armenia Maps

Created by and copyright 2020

Accompaniment to the book Rediscovering Armenia. A complete set of A4 (approximately letter sized) maps of Armenia and Artsakh, which are very convenient to print out and take with you on exploratory trips.

City Maps

Historic Maps

Other Maps

Western Armenia Topographic Maps

Uploading these maps is time consuming, and I'm not sure exactly how many people will find them useful, especially unedited like this. If you have a specific town/region request, let me know. --Raffi 16:56, 10 January 2008 (PST)