Armenian Language Lessons

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Հայերեն Դասեր

This section has Eastern Armenian Lessons Online, which will enable English speakers to visit and learn Armenian at their own pace. Eastern Armenian is spoken in Armenia, Russia and Iran. If you need to learn Western Armenian, this would give you a base of Armenian knowlege, but it may just confuse you.

Chapter 1 - Phonetics (other version to merge changes from OldChap1)
Chapter 2 - Morphology
Chapter 3 - Adjectives
Chapter 4 - Numerals
Chapter 5 - Pronouns
Chapter 6a - Verbs
Chapter 6b - Verbs
Chapter 7 - Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections
Chapter 8 - Lexicology and Word Formation
Chapter 9a - Syntax
Chapter 9b - Syntax
Chapter 10 - Texts for Reading

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