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*[http://www.keghart.com/Keghart-Villains-Heroes Hakan Yavuz], [http://armenianweekly.com/2013/06/07/the-case-against-legitimizing-genocide-deniers-scholars-speak-up/    Armenian Genocide denial]
*[http://www.keghart.com/Keghart-Villains-Heroes Hakan Yavuz], [http://armenianweekly.com/2013/06/07/the-case-against-legitimizing-genocide-deniers-scholars-speak-up/    Armenian Genocide denial]
*[https://defence.az/en/news/139483/milikh-yevdayev-national-hero-albert-agarunov-is-symbol-of-brotherhood,-friendship-between-azerbaijani,-jewish-people  Milikh Yerdayev, Jewish-Azeri propagandist]
==G-word weasels==
==G-word weasels==

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List of people who's actions against Armenia(ns) has earned them a place in the Armenian Hall of Shame.


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  • John Patrick Douglas Balfour (Lord Kinross)
  • Zeyno Baran, Director of the Center for Eurasian Policy; Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, a Washington think tank; anti-Armenianism
  • Stephen Blank, professor at the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute; anti-Armenianism
  • Andrew Bowen, senior fellow at the Center for the National Interest - anti-Armenianism
  • Matthew Bryza, US State Department, fighting genocide recognition.
  • Tal Buenos, Armenian Genocide denial and anti-Armenianism


  • Brendon J. Cannon. Professor at Khalifa University's Institute of International and Civil Security (IICS) in Abu Dhabi, UAE; anti-Armenianism
  • Carey Cavanaugh. Former US Co-chair to OSCE Minsk Group. Currently a professor at the University of Kentucky.
  • Mevlut Cavusoglu. Turkish Foreign Minister, Armenian Genocide denial and anti-Armenianism
  • Mahmudali Chehraganli, leader of the Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement and advocate of Armenian Genocide denial and anti-Armenianism


  • Nick Danforth, Senior Policy Analyst at the Bipartisan Policy Center. He completed a PhD in Turkish history at Georgetown University - Armenian Genocide denial and anti-Armenianism.
  • Gwynne Dyer, Armenian Genocide denial



  • Richard Falk, former professor of Politics and International Relations at Princeton University, anti-Armenianism
  • Bruce Fein, Armenian Genocide denial and general anti-Armenianism
  • Abraham H. Foxman, works to block Armenian Genocide acknowledgment. Recognized that the 'consequences' of 1915 were 'tantamount to genocide' -- and only after massive media pressure. This deliberate wording was chosen so that the Armenian Genocide would not fit the legal criteria for genocide under the United Nations Genocide Convention.
  • George Friedman, founder and chairman of Stratfor think tank; anti-Armenianism






  • Jason Katz and Mallory Moss Katz, lobbyists for the Aliyev regime
  • Melik Kaylan, Turkish writer for Forbes, denial of Armenian genocide
  • Kerim Kerimov, Azeri cartoonist noted for his anti-Armenian cartoons often including the phrase "Terrorism, narkomania, and armenism are the same disease."
  • Stephen Kinzer, anti-Armenian media writer
  • Robert Kocharian, allowing beatings of peaceful protesters and rampant corruption
  • Ergun Kirlikovali, Anti Armenian bigot, owner of TurkLA and poster lad of Armenian Genocide Debate
  • Ayse Kulin Turkish novelist, anti-Armenianism






  • Cemal Pasha, architect of the Armenian Genocide
  • Enver Pasha, architect of the Armenian Genocide
  • Talat Pasha, architect of the Armenian Genocide
  • Djevdet Pasha, the butcher of Van and architect of the Armenian Genocide
  • Amanda Paul, columnist for Today's Zaman newspaper, anti-Armenianism
  • Shimon Peres, Armenian Genocide denial
  • Dogu Perincek, Armenian Genocide denial
  • David Phillips, anti-Armenianism
  • Hugh Pope, author and Turkey/Cyprus Project Director for the International Crisis Group
  • Samantha Power, performed bait and switch with the Armenian-American community to encourage them to vote for Barack Obama for President, after which time he failed to honor his campaign pledge to call the Armenian Genocide by its rightful name.


  • Condoleeza Rice, Armenian Genocide denial
  • Russian Neo-Nazi groups, responsible for brutal killings of Armenians in Russia


  • Behaeddin Shakir, founding member of the Committee of Union and Progress, involved in the Armenian Genocide
  • Harvey Silverglate, counsel working with ATAA to insert, into the Massachusetts state curriculum, materials that deny the historical accuracy of the Armenian Genocide.
  • Luke Simpkins, former Australian politician and Chair of the Azerbaijan Australia Parliamentary Friendship Group - Anti-Armenianism
  • Stephen Solarz, former U.S. congressman and late anti-Armenian lobbyist for Turkey working for the Livingston Group
  • Joseph Stalin, brutal dictator of the Soviet Union who assigned Karabakh to Azerbaijan as the acting commissar of nationalities in 1923 and caused the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Armenians who were either real or perceived "enemies of the state".
  • S. Frederick Starr, Chairman, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute; anti-Armenianism; Armenian Genocide denial
  • Farah Stockman - anti-Armenian writer
  • Steve Stockman - US congressman (R-TX); anti-Armenianism


  • Peter Tase, journalist - Anti-Armenianism
  • Levon Ter-Petrossian, allowed of widespread corruption during presidency, pandered to Turkish interests
  • Alparslan Türkeş, late founder of Turkey's radical Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and advocate of Pan-Turkism, Armenian Genocide denial, and anti-Armenianism


  • Cenk Uygur, Turkish-born American political commentator and main host/ co-founder of the American commentary program, The Young Turks. Record of Armenian Genocide denial.


X, Y, Z

G-word weasels

A category of people, most of whom do not deny the genocide, but insist on avoiding saying the g-word (genocide) in order not to offend the Turkish state.







  • Barack Obama Breaking his pledge to openly use the word genocide as president.