Armenian Genocide Texts

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  • Treaty of Sevres - full text. Plus Wilsonian Armenia
  • Treaty of Lausanne - full text.
  • Ambassador Morgenthau's Story Online
  • The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empiree -By Viscount Bryce
  • The Court-Martial of those Responsible for the Genocide -By Vahakn Dadrian
  • Songs of the Eye-witness Genocide Survivors - Online Booklet
  • The trial of Soghomon Tehlirian.
  • Richard Hovannisian text
  • Marashlian's testimony to US House of Reps.
  • An American Turk wishes to acknowlege the Armenian Genocide
  • A Turkish Rights Activist wishes to acknowlege the Armenian Genocide
  • My Response To Turkish Governments 9 Points
  • Bob Dole's April 24th statement.
  • Armenians -- Eighty Years in Pursuit of Justice
  • Scholar Banned From Ottoman Archives
  • The Heath Lowry Affair - Excellent summary of the entire scandal.