Armenian-Austrian Medical Association

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Cafesjian Family Foundation
15 South 5th Street, 900
Minneapolis, MN 55402
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Minneapolis, MN
January 25, 2006

Hope For The City Sends Over Half A Million Dollars in Aid to Armenia
Armenian-Austrian Medical Association the
Recipient of Hope For The City's First Shipment

Minneapolis, MN and Yerevan, Armenia - Hope for the City, working in collaboration with the United Armenian Fund and the Cafesjian Family Foundation, has delivered three, forty foot containers of medical equipment and supplies valued at over $US 500,000 to the Armenian-Austrian Medical Association in Yerevan, Armenia. The containers arrived in Armenia before the New Year. Transportation expenses were provided by the United Armenian Fund.

"This shipment was a dream come true for our hospital,' stated Armenian-Austrian Medical Association President, Taron Taronyan, MD. `The aid has broadened the wingspan of our institution and has given us the great potential to treat a wide variety of patients and illnesses. The biggest struggle for our hospital was the mere fact that we did not have adequate equipment and supplies to reach our patients. Thanks to Hope for the City, this changed overnight".

Dennis and Megan Doyle, founders of Hope For the City and Board Members of the Cafesjian Family Foundation, first visited Armenia in April of 2005. The Doyles toured several hospitals and institutions and learned first hand of the dire need for equipment and aid.

"Armenia is a country of survivors,' said Megan Doyle during an interview on Armenia TV. `The resilience of the people is truly impressive. Armenia today has many wonderful programs to ensure a better future for its people. We hope that Hope for the City will be a valuable resource for those programs and organizations doing such wonderful work in Armenia.'

"The Cafesjian Family Foundation is honored to facilitate the relationship between Hope for the City and the recipients in Armenia," said Gerard Cafesjian, President of the Cafesjian Family Foundation. `We are extremely grateful to Dennis and Megan Doyle for their efforts, and we are very appreciative of the assistance received from the United Armenian Fund, in particular to the funds provided to the United Armenian Fund by Kirk Kerkorian through the Lincy Foundation, making this shipment possible.'

Hope For the City is already planning additional shipments of medical equipment and supplies to Armenia, and will soon expand its assistance to include select organizations in the regions.