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Listing of hotels in Armenia and Karabakh, primarily by city.

A Gold Star Services.png can ONLY be added by Raffi Kojian, the webmaster, and is a personal recommendation of his. Not having a gold star might mean Raffi has not stayed there, or does not recommend it for most tourists, but it might still be good for budget travellers, etc.

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Alaverdi Town

Hotel Debed

Notes: A complete dump, but cheap and convenient for backpackers. If you have your own transportation or are fussy, don't do it!

Maria Hotel

Notes: Supposed to have decent accomodations, located near the top of the cable car line.

Flora Guesthouse in Haghpat

Notes: 11,000 drams per person including 3 meals, or 5,000 drams without meals, attached bathroom (can be private), hot water always available.
Contact: Lilit
Phone: (+374-0253) 3-24-87


There are some nice places in Dilijan from about $20 to $50, but you will have to ask around to find them. Camping is a great alternative in good weather.

Dili Villa Services.png

Notes: Three-storey guest house with a winter garden, charming loggia with a fireplace, studio and a nice balcony with a breathtaking view of mountains.

Address: 12a Myasnikyan Street
Phone: (+374-2680) 7059 or (+374-91) 456164

Khanjian Place

Notes: Cabins or rooms available, inexpensive, a few kilometeres from the bus station, no showers in cabins.
Phone: (+374-2680) 24-27 or 61-91

Pjhishkakan Hamalsarani Hangsdatun

(Medical University Rest House)
Notes: Cabins available, inexpensive, 400m from the bus station, hot water and room heating always available.
Phone: (+374-2680) 55-66

Cinematographers House

Notes: Really cool futuristic design, decent rooms for decent prices, above the town in the forest.


Khachik's B&B Services.png

Address: 13 David Bek Street
Phone: (+374-284) 2-10-98


Hotel Isuz

Notes: Quite new, large complex, good restaurant, disco, more. Address: 1/5 Garagin Njhde Ave.
Phone: (+374-312) 69-333-69
Fax: (+374-312) 69-303-69

Berlin Hotel (Guesthouse Berlin) Services.png

Notes: Quite new, good food, art gallery, more. Phone: (+374-312) 3-76-59 or 2-31-48
Fax: (+374-312) 3-03-86

Hotel Araks

Address: 31 Gorki Street
Phone: (+374-312) 2-11-99 or 2-44-35
Tel/Fax: (+374-312) 3-58-15

Jermuk Town

Ararat II Bed & Breakfast

Notes: Turn right after the steel bridge and right after a park. With a playground to your right, it is the small hotel on your left by the canyon. Beds are about $10/night, clean, hot showers and normal bathrooms, comfortable, good food available, but costs extra.


Darist Hotel

Notes: Across the river from the statue of Davit Bek, next to the amusement park. A good, solid place to stay in southern Armenia. The rooms are about $30/night per person, and they offer decent food at the restaurant. Address: Aram Manukian Street 1/a
Phone: (+374-285) 62-662 or 68-262
Fax: (+374-285) 62-133

Lake Sevan

Tsapatagh Tourism Complex

Tsapatagh Village, Gegharkunik Marz
Notes: Large tourism complex with moderate priced hotel, luxury one being built, artisan activities, beach and many amenities. Visit the web site for additional information and prices.
Phone: (+374-10) 543-122

Sevan Motel

Notes: This classic Soviet Motel on the very northern tip of Sevan costs about $20/night per person. It is well maintained with good amenities and a decent beach, but each time we have stayed there, someone in the group was bitten by a strange bed bug leaving big purple circles for a week or two. Can be impossible to get a room during high season (July/August). You must visit the 70's Soviet disco!


Imposing complex just before reaching the peninsula of Sevanavank. Quite new, nice rooms, waterslides, pools, with rooms running about $100/night.
Phone: (+374-61) 2-04-50, 2-33-58, 2-24-00 or 2-00-92
Fax: (+374-61) 2-00-65

Lori Marz

Anoush Hotel

Notes: Right on the main highway in a nice spot overlooking the river, a very nice restaurant complex with six 2-storey rooms. Rooms have TV with satellite, and all normal conveniences. All rooms have one queen sized bed and cost $20. Address: Alaverdian Khchughi
Phone: (+374-151) 4-08-08 or 2-37-60

Avan Dzoraget Hotel Services.png

Dzoraget Village, Lori Region
Notes: Luxury hotel with 34 double rooms and luxury apartments overlooking the Debed River. Large restaurant, bar, gym, business center, internet, large and small conference halls, spa, sauna, massage, pool, arts/crafts center where visitors can participate. Phone: (+374-10) 543-122

Odzun Guest House

Notes: Above the village, this very comfortable little guesthouse costs 3,000 drams per night including breakfast. Hot shower, kitchenette, roomy. Currently closed for remodeling.


Basen Hotel

Notes: Reasonably priced, nicely remodeled hotel with a very nice restaurant and spacious rooms.

Dina Hotel

Notes: Cheap. Soviet hotel which has been well maintained and is still a pleasant place to stay. Quite an exception to the dozens of other Soviet hotels which are unbearably bad. Ask for a "Lux" room for an in-room toilet. Phone:


Hotel Shoushi

Notes: Nice hotel, next to the white Cathedral.
Phone: (+374-477) 31-357 or (+374-97) 25-15-99


Hotel Lotus

Notes: Expensive. Normal western style hotel. Address: 81 Baghramian Street
Phone: 4-52-73, 5-00-84 or 5-00-94

Hotel Nairi Services.png

14a Hekimyan Street
Notes: Moderate price. Very normal western style hotel.
Phone: (+374-10) 28-64-15, 28-65-10 or 28-07-01 ext. 15-03

Hotel Lavanda

Phone: 4-19-59, 4-53-72

Hotel Luysabats

Phone: 4-57-20



Notes: Single room (2 single beds) for 16,000 drams per night or Double room (1 king-size bed, 1 sofa-bed) for 40,000 drams per night. Both rates include 3 meals for one person. Each additional person per room pays 4,000 drams for food.
Contact: Hayk Bojolian (speaks some English)

Kecharis Hotel

Notes: Nice compound with about 34 rooms, plus a restaurant, billiards, disco, bowling, sauna, conference hall, and more.
Phone: (+374-223) 5-20-91, 5-20-92, 5-20-93, 5-20-94 or 5-20-95

Multi Rest House

Notes: Opened in late 2006. The main complex has numerous hotel rooms, a restaurant, bar, internet club, billiards, swimming pool, a tennis court, conference hall, and more. Private cottages are also available. Hotel rooms cost between 40,000-80,000 drams a night. Cottages 120,000 drams per night.
Phone: (+374-10) 28-74-50 or 28-74-60

Writer's House

Notes: Was once one of the most popular accomadations in Soviet times, but has not been developed over the years.


Hotel Argishti

Notes: Opened in April, 2002. 14 rooms, sauna, restaurant, international phone, TVs, dryers, and fridge. Rooms start at $50.
Address: 1 Batumi Street
Phone: (+374-322) 4-25-56 or 4-25-57

A. Hakobyan Hotel

Notes: In room TV, phone, fridge, internet and fax. Free drinks. Lunch and dinner with advance notice. There are three rooms, prices start at $17.
Address: 1A Kourghinian Street
Phone: (+374-322) 2-08-50


Antoine's Guest House

Stay with Antoine Terjanian when he's in town. A very interesting Canadian-Armenian.

Gohar's Guest House Services.png

Notes: Comfortable family-run bed & breakfast. Breakfast is extra. Price is inexpensive to moderate, depending on your negotiating skills. Ask in town for Gohar Gevorgyan, the widow of Ardashat Sarkisyan. She lives just past the soccer field.,br> Address: 44 Spandaryan Street
Phone: (+374-281) 2-33-24 or 2-33-73


Armenia Marriott Hotel

Address: Republic Square
Phone: (+374-10) 599-000 or 599-002
Fax: (+374-10) 599-001
Website (online reservations):

Ani Plaza Hotel

Address: 19 Sayat Nova Street
Phone: (+374-10) 58-95-00 or 58-97-00

Ararat Hotel

Address: Grigor Luysavorich Street
Phone: (+374-10) 51-00-00 or 54-11-00

Green Palace Hotel

Address: 57 Myasnikyan Avenue
Phone: (+374-10) 24-00-26

Hotel Astafian

Address: 5 Abovian Street
Phone: (+374-10) 52-11-11
Fax: (+374-10) 56-45-72

Hotel Avan Villa (Tufenkian)

Address: Nork-Marash 13th Street, building #7/1
Phone: (+374-10) 54-34-22, 54-78-77 or 54-31-22
Fax: (+374-10) 54-78-88

Aviatrans Hotel

Address: 15 Abovian Street
Phone: (+374-10) 56-72-28 or 56-72-26
Fax: (+374-10) 58-24-22

Hotel Bass

Address: 3 Aigedzor Street
Phone: (+374-10) 26-10-80, 26-27-51 or 22-26-38

Congress Hotel

Address: Italy Street
Phone: (+374-10) 58-00-95

Hotel Dvin

Note: Currently under construction.
Address: 40 Paronyan Street

Envoy Hostel

Note: First hostel in Yerevan, centrally located.
Address: 54 Pushkin Avenue
Phone: (+374-10) 53-03-69
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Hotel Erebuni

Note: Renovated.
Address: 26/1 Nalbandyan Street,(Republic Square)
Phone: (+374-10) 58-67-00, 56-49-93
Fax: (+374-10) 56-02-78

Hotel Europe

Note: One of the best location/price values in town.
Address: 32 Hanrapetutyan Street
Phone: (+374-10) 54-60-60
Fax: (+374-10) 54-60-50

Golden Palace Hotel

Address: Azatutyan Avenue, by Haghtanak Park (Victory Park)
Phone: (+374-10) 21-99-99
Fax: (+374-10) 21-99-21

Hotel Hrazdan

Address: 72 Dzorap Street
Phone: (+374-10) 53-53-32 or 52-34-73

Hotel Shirak

Note: Very Soviet, not recommended.
Address: 13a Khorenatsi Street
Phone: (+374-10) 52-99-15

Golden Tulip Hotel Yerevan

Note: Very central luxury hotel.
Address: 14 Abovyan Street
Phone: (+374-10) 58-94-00
Fax: (+374-10) 52-82-91

Hy-Business Suites

Note: Suites with tiny kitchen and a work area.
Address: 8 Hanrapetutyan Street
Phone: (+374-10) 56-75-67 or 58-04-22

Latar Hotel Complex

Address: Silikyan District, 4th St., #58
Phone: (+374-10) 31 90 34 or 39 47 59

Parev Suites

Note: Great value for groups/families bed and breakfast.
Address: Aygestan 11th Street, building #71
Phone: (+374-10) 55-55-43 or 55-99-85

Valensia Hotel

Note: New cottages which are part of the Water World complex. Not walking distance to the major sites.

Villa Delanda Services.png

Note: Very nice little bed and breakfast very close to Republic Square with beautiful, comfortable rooms, excellent prices, 6 rooms (single, double and triple), and internet.
Address: 22 Yeznik Koghbatsi Street

Dormitory Rooms

Note: Nice hostel-like accommodations, starting at $30.
Address: 52 Mashtots Street