Armen Tigranian

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Armen Tigranian stamp

Armen Tigranian belongs to the number of Armenian composers who began their career during pre-soviet era and continued it after the revolution, using their rich skills to help develop the country’s traditions.

Armen Tigranian was born in Gyumri, Armenia. He started becoming interested in music at a very early age and continued his pursuits professionally when he became and adult by taking lessons from Makar Yekmalian. He ultimately finished his studies at the Tbilisi Music College.

Tigranyan devoted himself to teaching and continued composing music, mainly songs and romances in Armenian nation character. After becoming acquainted with Hovhannes Tumanyan’s “Anoush” Opera, the inspirations he got from it kept him restless until he finally wrote the opera, having worked on it for several years. “Anoush” was premiered on Aug. 4, 1912, in Gyumri, and it became the composer’s masterpiece. And it also remains a national masterpiece until today.

Tigranyan continued composing other national works such as the drama “Leily and Mejnun”, “Eastern Dance” for symphonic orchestra, “New Spring” chorus for 4 voices etc.